"Writer, Magician, Creator of Worlds. Est. 1979"

The Writer’s Why

I often find myself wondering why I'm doing this. Why am I trying to become a successful writer when it's clearly so hard to be heard in the herd? What even is a successful writer? Will I always feel like an impostor? Am I even really a writer?

Critical Hit

I wanted to talk a bit about something I noticed in some of my past experiences and writing groups I've been a part of on this path to becoming a writer. I'm going to focus on something near and dear to every writer's heart...the critique.

Let Us Act as Gods!

That's right, boys and girls! Today we're gonna talk about one of the coolest things about writing: worldbuilding in 5 quick tips!

Making Fake People

I believe there is one truth in creative writing that stands above all others: characters will make or break your story. Here are some tips.

The Customer is NOT Always Right

The customer is not always right. In fact, many times they are misinformed. It is our job to inform them and give them the available options you offer.

The Mourning Man & Other Tales

I was messing around this weekend, trying to think of new things I could put on my store for an affordable price that people may enjoy. Then it struck me that I had a few short stories that I've written over time that I could put together for a short story collection.