Magick Words

Eternal Path: The Way of the Chaos Mage

Magick is not magic. You don’t get to just make a wish and expect it to come true. When I explain chaos magick to the uninitiated they always respond with, “Oh, it’s like Law of Attraction.” No, dear human, we do not wish. We do.

Welcome Back… Again

I am a mercurial being. Full of opinions and unwillingness to listen to others because I think, in general, humanity is full of idiots. So, I’m just going to put my opinions out there on my own little piece of the pie and make a community from whoever shows up to talk. I’ve decided that […]

From Concept to Reality

Sometimes, taking your idea and turning it into something real can be the hardest part of writing. We’ve all had that moment where we’re struck in the head by the muse with a great idea. As soon as you got the chance, you ran to a keyboard and started banging away like a monkey trying to […]

World Building Research and Execution

Research is fundamental. In order to build a multi-dimensional, realistic world for your story, world-building research is necessary and vital. You have the germ of your idea. Now you need to plant it and help it grow. The setting your world takes place in is a great area to start. The Tools In true KISS […]

Critical Hit

One of the things you should engage in as you progress in your skills is to learn how to both give and take criticism of your work. This is a good practice because you learn how to look at writing from an objective viewpoint and maybe you see some of your own mistakes as well. That […]

Short Story, Novel, or Something In-Between

If you’re unfamiliar with story structures, you can end up getting discouraged and quit. Try to find a length you’re comfortable with and shine! It’s a question that most writers struggle with when they’re new, and it’s what leads a lot of good writers to quit. Why? Because they’re not prepared for what they are getting […]