2017: New Year, Fresh Start

Why…hello there 2017, you sexy little thing. Let’s see what’s in the future for us this year on, yeah?

I was thrown off a bit in 2016 by the horrendous turn of real world events that elected a sentient carrot to the highest political office in the USA. Our Orange Overlord, our King Cheeto, has honestly struck bed-wetting, pant-shitting terror into a little over half the country. I feel that while my political rage is a flavor that people seem to want, I have strayed too far from the intention of making this a blog about writing. I’m going to refocus my efforts towards the creative and start developing creative writing content that will amaze the hordes and win me praise and honor.

I also want to help you, dear reader.

I want to help you learn to craft stories that will make people squee in their shiny little tight pants. I’ve been writing since I was a young child and I have a substantial amount of education under my belt. Why not use that in some way that will profit me and help all of you? I came to the conclusion that the only thing I could do was develop a creative writing course. My goal is the next annual blog post will be accompanied with links and such to the most amazing, eyeball melting creative writing course you’ve ever seen.

In addition, by the end of February, I hope to have a posting schedule locked down.

I’ll cover various topics I think any writer out there might be able to use. Our weekly fiction post,Â?Tuesday Night Fiction, already shows up every Tuesday. By the end of 2017, I hope to have a new post to you every weekday. So far, we’re off to a good start on that road.

In an effort to bring some of the best writer content around, I’m alsoÂ?open to submissions from anyone out there on a creative writing topic.

If you want to talk about your latest book, story, etc., check out our SUBMIT page. I want to get some regular contributors in the future that I could pay but right now that’s not an option. So, if you want to pimp yo stuff or submit a helpful writing article, please do so and let’s help one another gain some exposure.

I also want to get a blogroll going, so if you have a blog you’d like me to put on said blogroll, let me know.

I would expect you place me on your blogroll as well. When it comes to us creative types, we really need to back each other up out there.

So, here’s to a fantastic new year full of writey bits and fun content for one and all.

Oh, BTW 2017, if you try to pull some shit like 2016, I will shank you.

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