Boomers vs. Millenials for the Fate of the Future


The Boomer generation and the Millennial generation are at war.

This isn’t that different from previous generations, but as it has been pointed out, this feels very different. It feels as if the Boomers are trying to poison the world and our global culture before they give up the ghost.

They consistently lament that the younger generations aren’t strong enough, don’t work hard enough, and complain too much. This from the people that decry socialist practices yet will be the last generation that will likely benefit from the socialist principles that saved the nation after the Great Depression.

They lack a sense of historical understanding, painting things that happened during their formative years as reasonable and necessary. Things like open racism, violence against others, perpetual war, and many other things.

As they grow older and technology advances, they find they can’t keep up. They don’t understand the way the world will change once they’re dust and, in fact, seem to be doing everything they can to make it harder for those that survive them.

Why? Greed and a sense that the Millenials are an ungrateful lot.

I guess they should be thankful that the Boomers screwed everything up, so it gives them something to do by correcting the course of their greed and unmitigated consumption of resources.

Wasn’t there another generation after them, though? Why didn’t they do anything?

I am not a Millennial. I am a Xennial. We’re that little group that is born smack in the middle of things. We are the Grunge generation. We are the ones that saw what Gen X was going through and said, “Fuck this. I’m out.”

Gen X and my own generational group share in the blame of the way the world is, as well. That’s not something I’m willing to give up because it would be dishonest. We could have done something if we hadn’t given up on the whole thing and let the Boomers have their way, but we didn’t.

We were overwhelmed, born in an analog world that transformed on us halfway through the game. We were the first digital natives, and we were the first to get the global reports about how bad things really were.

And we didn’t have a clue how to fix it.

We faced a leviathan of a system that refused to let us do anything other than comply. There weren’t enough of us.

Thankfully, another generation was born that had more than enough people.

I love the Millennial Generation.

I count my own children among them, and I see, very clearly, that they are our saving grace if they choose to be.

This is a generation that is highly educated, aware of the ills that plague us, and they have the means to correct the course of a sinking ship.

They understand science in a way the Boomer generation never will. They know how to use their critical thinking skills to discard information that is patently false propaganda. They are the very generation that the Boomers wanted, but now see that they will also take their power.

And that, in my opinion, is where the hate comes from the Boomer generation. They don’t want to give up the ghost. They didn’t get the future they wanted, so they seem to want to destroy everyone’s future.

The Boomers seem to say, “If we can’t have it, then neither can you.”

My own father used his last wish to ban my liberal girlfriend from his funeral.

He is a shining example of what it means to be a Boomer. Strict disciplinarian, war vet (who lied about his accomplishments), perpetually concerned about his own needs, giving only to those that would praise him for doing so and not out the kindness of his own heart.

He felt that anyone that disagreed with him was a worthless human being and, in his final years, would have been happy to put a bullet in them because that’s what his John Wayne-generation taught him.

When he needed a place to live because he’d once again gotten thrown out of a rental due to his general attitude, he came to live with me in Phoenix. Then, he met my girlfriend.

When he saw the Obama sticker on her laptop, he said, “I can’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to vote for that nigger twice.”

A few weeks later, when we were trying to have the apartment cleaned because he was a filthy human, he attempted to hit my girlfriend when she asked him to move so the cleaning people could do their job.

I kicked him out. I sent him on a plane back to our hometown, and I didn’t talk to him again.

Then, I found out his dying wish. My father hurt me in so many ways over my lifetime, but he saved the best for last. I couldn’t mourn the memory of the man I loved, who gave me life. Instead, I got to mourn the memory of a bigot racist who hated women and liberals.

Thanks, dad.

I guess, in the end, it truly is out of my hands.

I can genuinely only hope that the Millenial generation decides to come together and use the power they have to help save us all.

My plans don’t involve failing their generation, though. I will use my words to inspire and get them mobilized. I will be a mentor if I can, I will help them any way I can because they really are our future.

I don’t want a world where I have the best of everything. I want a world where my children, my grandchildren, and the generations after us have a world that’s air and water hasn’t been turned to poison. I want them to have a future that is sustainable and will engender the kindness and compassion that prevents wars from ever happening.

I think, as they aged, the Boomers forgot that. Instead, they focused only on their own pain and sold us all down the river. “Who cares about the kids? I’ll be dead.”

Yes, and like my father, the legacy of their generation will be forever tainted, and they will become known as “The Worst Generation” because they never lived up to the promise their own parents gave them.

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