So, you want to know something about me?

Well, here’s a lot of stuff about me. I’m a writer, pop culture enthusiast, comic book mega-nerd, and part-time supervillain just trying to make my way in this crazy world. This website is my interwebs Fortress of Doom. I write about a lot of things but I love creative writing topics. I’m not really special in any way, but you’ve obviously come to this page for some insight into who I am. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have hit the link I daresay.

I have a creative writing degree with a focus on entertainment writing (Fiction, Screen Writing, Comic Book Scripting, etc.)

My focus genre falls firmly in the science fiction & fantasy realms but I’ve done a smattering of non-fiction articles in addition to my blog writing. You can find my work on my portfolio page if you’d like to take a look. I’ve written everything from technical manuals to political diatribes to speculative fiction over the years, so my experience is pretty diverse. I also like helping others succeed which is why I write my Writer’s Corner series.

My personal passion is writing and helping others become better writers and get the exposure they deserve.

I offer several writer services and serve as a tech expert affiliate for a hosting company focused on writers, Writer’s Corner Hosting. I help develop writer websites for fun and profit and I’m well-versed in the vagaries of WordPress having worked with the CMS for most of a decade now.

My Super Secret Origin Story

Hi, I’m Joe. I was born in the summer of ’79.  According to legend, I started out as a tumor, very much due to the fact that I was raised in a town with the equivalent IQ of three cows and some dirt. This dire prognosis made my mother very sad as she thought she was dying of cancer. The doctor’s decided it would be in my mother’s best interest to irradiate her via chemotherapy treatment. Unfortunately, another genius doctor who actually went to a reputable school of medicine thought to give her a pregnancy test on the next visit because her tumor had tripled in size quicker than expected. Thus, I was not irradiated nor did I gain the superpowers I so richly deserved.

Moving forward in time, I remember my mother reading me issues of Spiderman and Captain America comics in the mid-80’s as bedtime stories. I couldn’t be bothered with the rather inane stories of the Brothers Grimm, or the little Disney story books. I wanted action! I wanted heroic fisticuffs! I wanted KA-BOOM’s and KER-POW’s! Dear old mom wouldn’t make the sound effect noises, though, so I had to do them myself once I learned to read. I also fell in love with doodling little dinosaur comics around this time. My drawing ability hasn’t improved much since. This was also when I began to feel a powerful need to assert my world dominance over every-fucking-thing.

Flashing forward to the tale of woe, mom and dad got divorced so I pretty much drowned myself in fictitious worlds of wonder. I bought The Dark Knight Returns at a comic shop in Atlanta when we visited my sister once. It was the tits. I remember when the lights went out in the southeastern states due to a horrendous winter storm, I discovered Stephen King and his Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, in those dark, candlelit nights. King begat Herbert who begat Asimov and so on and so forth.

A few years later in high school, I discovered the joy of cerebral comics. Neil Gaiman, among others, introduced me to the world that took place only in dreams. It introduced a concept to me…comics that were smart. I wanted to do smart comics. I just had to learn a thing or two about a thing or two.

Time went on in a haze of drugs and alcohol until I got married and cloned myself into three smaller versions of myself. (One is a girl and she will likely be my heir once I assert my dominion. Sorry boys but she’ll be ruthless.) During that time I joined the United States Air Force. The USAF kept me busy so I didn’t really have time to write but I’ve experienced a great many cultures and I’ve seen the world. I made notes on top of notes for the past decade and stories have percolated in my mind. I was also learning the necessary skills with which to carry out my secret dastardly plan.

I was given the AF boot due to money needs handed down by Congress and an injury which had made it very hard to keep up my physical fitness. The soon to be ex-wife and I parted ways, so I suddenly had time to invest in myself for the first time in over a decade. I got a fantastic paying job at two different companies but I absolutely hated working there, so when events happened that gave me another out I couldn’t avoid, I welcomed it. I also met a really cool chick who helped change my outlook on everything. I’m not sure if soul mates are real but if they are, I’ve found mine. Now I work for a major IT company doing tech support. The job is great and gives me plenty of time to pursue my writing.

I’m also a full-time student of the occult and I’m a practicing magician.

Working, writing, living…this is what I am.