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I'm a geek. Through and through.

I've loved technology and science fiction since I was a kid. When the internet exploded in the mid-90's, I was in love with this new innovation that would change the world. So much so, after I got out of the USAF, I did everything I could to get into a tech industry that really appealed to me: designing websites.

Eventually I landed jobs at both GoDaddy and A2 Hosting and learned a lot of tips and tricks to add to my bag. Already knowing quite a bit about WordPress, my knowledge increased exponentially. I learned how the back end works with the front end and a whole new world opened up.

One thing that always struck me with most web hosting companies was the lack of personal attention that was given to the customer. I hated talking on the phones to people who had an issue I knew was easily fixed. However, because we didn't have a service to offer, I had to tell them to figure it out themselves.

I knew it could be done better. 

A corporation's goal is to make as much money as they can, regardless of the end user experience. Of course they want you to continue using their service but it's pretty well-known that hosting customers jump ship because the support is bad and the prices rise.

So, how do I combat that?

Well, I'm not one of the big boys, so I can't offer some of their crazy introductory prices. I can't put ads on during the Super Bowl. I can't spam your in-box or your social media feed. 

What I can do is offer you your money's worth.

I can make sure you have access to 24/7/365 US technical web support. I can make sure you know how much you will pay year to year and not get sticker shock at renewal time. I can make sure you have an avenue to get answers that will help you succeed. I can leverage my network to bring the best expert services to you like no other company can. 

Yeah, I like money, just like the big hosting companies.

The difference is that for me, money isn't everything. I'm not giving away my services for free but making customers happy, educated, and secure in their purchase will always be my goal. 


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