An open letter to Colin Kaepernick from a military veteran



Dear Colin,

You’ve been surrounded by a certain amount of media fanfare for your actions last week. Many have taken issue with what you’ve done, sitting during the playing of the National Anthem. As a military veteran, I also take issue with your actions, and I have something to say to you…

Thank you so much for representing what I fought for every day I put on that uniform.

I don’t see disrespect in what you’ve done at all. When the ideas of our nation have been perverted to the point that equality for all within our land depends on the color of your skin, then we have lost our path. Our symbols mean nothing. The flag is just a piece of cloth, the national anthem just another song, and the indignantÂ?outrage of so-called patriots is simply white noise. Until we live up to the intent of our ideas – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all regardless of race or creed – then it is empty and hollow.

Ignore those who would seek to admonish you. They are trying to support the lie that keeps people sedated. The tragedies happening around the country to people in our black communities has to stop. The vicious cycle that is being perpetuated daily only continues because people can choose to ignore it. It is time to take that choice away. This isn’t something that can be ignored any longer. We live in the 21st Century, not the 19th.

Colin, what you’ve done is a good and brave thing. You are risking everything to say something that you feel is vitally important. Instead of using your platform selfishly, you have chosen to be a voice of the people. Seldom in history have people been rewarded for carrying out such a deed. Take pride in knowing that there are many of us out here that support you.

So, from a veteran, you have my full support, admiration, and respect.


Joe Forrest

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