Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure / Bogus Journey are two of the best movies ever made.

I know. You probably think the title of this one is rather silly. Bill S. Preston, Esq. & Ted “Theodore” Logan seem to be a rather dubious duo to provide us with a life philosophy, but you cannot deny the absolute truth of the things they have to say about life in general.

Over the course of these two films, not only do we get to know and love the two laughable and likeable heroes, but we also are introduced to their single-minded journey towards becoming a force that changes the entire world. Let’s have a look at what we can learn from the Bill & Ted mythos.

# 1, dude. You most definitely must have an excellent time in life. If you don’t enjoy what you do then, like, what’s the point, right? Totally follow your dreams, dudes and babes.

#2, if your mind is open, life is, like, full of “WOAH” moments. You might get to travel through time, or outwit death and stuff. You might just get a really tasty drink from Circle K. Weird stuff happens, bro.

#3. Always listen to your inner voice. You can totally tell when you’re being a huge dickweed, so knock it off, dude.

#4. Make other people feel most joyous by letting them know about the cool stuff they do. Sometimes, all it takes to turn a frownÂ?totally upside down is someone saying something nice to you.


#Cinco. Remember that while your time is totally limited, that it’s all one big great adventure. You should enjoy the ride because you totally don’t know when it’s over, dude.

# 7. Be excellent to each other. The world is kinda hard to deal with in the first place, what with the people with the sticks up their butt. Do unto all the other dudes and babes as you would, like, totally have them do unto you. That would be a life most triumphant.

Oh, yeah, and…PARTY ON, DUDES!


If we all just, like, embraced the most excellent message of Bill & Ted, we’d get rid of the most non-heinous stuff going on in the world. We could totally change everything, like, for everyone. Until next time, always remember…

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