Things are definitely changing.

Moving cross-country, new day job, lots of writing going on, relationships going away, new ones incoming…it’s definitely a tumultuous time for little ol’ me. That being said, there’s a lot of cool things coming down the pipeline.

Launched on April 1st, 2018, is running along fine. Gathering content has been a bit of a beast but you can only expect so much when you’re not paying people for their time. GZS if primarily going to become the promotion vehicle for several projects, including:

  • publishing – One of my goals from the very beginning of GZS was to bring a platform to bear that could publish occult related reading for the masses. Whether this comes in the form of fiction, non-fiction, or just practical how-to type books is of no concern. I want to help others put ideas out there to the world and assist them in getting those words read by others. That’s one of the things I’m still pushing for and it feels as if it’s going well.
  • The GZS Exchange – The official online store of GZS has exclusive designs that are sure to be right up your aesthetic alley. New items, from e-books to music, will be forthcoming.
  • Exclusive Articles & Features – As always, GZS will also continue to publish exclusive articles and commentary on magick workings, theoretical occultism, and the magick community as a whole. We will continue to feature artists we feel are destined to impact us (or should) down the road. We’ll also be producing some great fiction pieces.

Future of the Writer’s Corner series

It’s true that the Writer’s Corner series generates the most traffic on this site. Not unlike myself, there are a ton of writers out there that are always looking for good advice on how to hone their craft and make a run for success by doing what we love – writing. I’m by no means an expert in this arena and this site has always been as much about the journey of learning the craft of writing as it has been about relaying that information to the people. With that in mind…

A new season of Writer’s Corner is coming! I’ve done a bit of brainstorming and I’ve got a series of article ideas I’m sure you will all love. I plan on releasing them weekly starting in September 2018.

In addition, I plan on having a Writer’s Corner collection to be released around Christmas. This will include all my previous articles, expanded with new information/insights, so one may consume all at once or at their leisure from their favorite reading platform.

Upcoming releases/plans

On top of the above, I’m also working on a ton of other cool things. I’m currently working with Benjamin Beardsley on a serialized novel due out in the Fall. I’m also working on a serialized novel that will be released around the same time as a companion/prequel to the story. It’s about magick and saving the universe, a total pulp fiction noir occult working in the ChaosPunk genre!

I’ll also be trying a new method to offer my services through the site. No more defined pricing. Just a quote request for whatever particular thing you need help with that falls in my arena of talents.

Finally, if you find yourself in need of website hosting and the associated services such as domain registration, check out for good prices and 24/7 support services.


The future is looking bright! Stay tuned!

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