Ch-ch-ch-check it out: L. A. Murphy

Today I’d like to introduce you to a cool cat by the name of l.a. murphy.

He writes about quite a few topics but you have to check out his posts about living in Japan. You’ll learn all sorts of fascinating things that you probably didn’t know. I lived in Japan myselfÂ?so I can verify the amazement you will experience by checking this dude out.

Visitors to Japan may see the Tanuki statue outside a multitude of establishments. Cute and funny, the Tanuki doll is a poignant member of many Japanese towns and cities. Their history was not always so benevolent, with many believing Tanuki to be a mischievous shape shifter who would possess people to cause harm and bring�[�]

via Toying with Tanuki � l.a.murphy

So, I’m not just down with promoting my own stuff and publishing your short stories on this blog.

I also want to do my best to help all of you become a success as well. Why? Because if you succeed, so do I. That’s what builds communities.

In that mindset, I’d love to promote your blog as well. That being said, I won’t just promote any old blog. I’ll check it out, see if I like it and want to promote it, and then I’ll post it up on Thursday night.

If I read your blog and don’t like it, I’ll let you know. If you want honest criticism as to why I turned you down, respond to that email. I’m not some uber perfect writing guru but I can give you my honest opinion on it and I know what I’m talking about. As always, I would invite you to take that criticism for what it is…an opinion. It’s not a personal attack on your character or ability. If you feel the need to respond with a big fuck you or eat shit and die, cool. I won’t take it personally.

There are some caveats:

  1. No, I’m not going to give you a detailed breakdownÂ?on what you can do to improve your site or anything like that. If you want that you’ll have to pay me. I will give you a short critique and a little insight into what I did like.
  2. If you’re mad and respond to me with a threat, I’ll just inform the police in your area. I have enough technical skill expertise to find out who most anyone is on the interwebs unless your some l33t haxors.

Oh, and if really, really like your blog I’ll add you to my LINKS!!! page (coming soon.)

Fly safe out there! o7