Chaos Magick: Sigils

Simply put, sigils are the crypto-language of the occult and you should have a basic understanding of them.

Chaos Magick is not hard to do. In fact, you’ve probably already done it. In its most basic form, it’s simply art infused with the willpower of the creator. It’s a matter of believing that you can change your reality. Chaos magick is the art of making belief into reality.

Many say that magick is a horrible thing to do and you’ll probably burn in hell for doing it. I know that you’ll only burn in hell if you make deals with demons, so you shouldn’t do that. In my opinion. To each their own, though.

Chaos Magick is not easy to master.

Why? Mostly because chaos magick is a fusion of the scientific method, esoteric practices, and a remarkable amount of faith in oneself. This being the case, the goalposts are forever moving in chaos magick.

There is no “master.” There is no guru. I would advise you to steer clear of those who say they are. Chaos magick is a highly personal form of magick that doesn’t quite work the same way for anyone else the way it does for you. That’s because it’s your intent and belief that powers the magick. This leads us to a good exercise and practice for newcomers to the scene.

SIGILS are basic, entry-level magick.

A sigil is a symbolized version of your intention. Symbols have been with us since we first began scrawling stick people on cave walls. They’ve had power since the beginning of our species. It makes sense that you would use this to test simple theories.

There are many ways you can go about making the sigil and it really is entirely up to you how to do that, but you must make sure that it meets your intent and you must choose that intent carefully. While it is a Wiccan principle, I firmly hold on to the maxim, “Do what thou wilt but harm none.” Send out bad juju and usually, you get bad juju in return. I try my best to focus on things that are well-intentioned.

Here’s a quick infographic I worked up to help you out:

A lot of people will dismiss this as just another positive reinforcement method.

No magick is occurring, right? Magick is a fantasy.

I don’t believe that for a minute. As soon as I started practicing magick with intent, things started changing for me. While my life is far from perfect, things really started to turn around for me once I actively started believing in this art form. The power of positive belief didn’t do that for me. My personal faith and chaos magick did that for me.

I believe that chaos magick is a primordial force of this universe.

I think that this magick has existed since the beginning. I believe it is possible it created both this reality and humanity. Why do I believe that? Look around you. Human civilization has long tried to place an order on the natural flow of our environment. We’ve made governments, cities, education systems, religious systems, etc., and eventually, they all fall apart.

Why is that? Why is there no permanence for the things we build?

Because the natural order of the universe is chaos and entropy. There is no rhyme or reason, at least known to us on this level of our spiritual existence.

However, when you accept this fact and start manipulating the chaos, things start happening and they are no mere coincidence.

Give it a shot.

Go find Grant Morrison’s video from the DisInfo con and try creating a sigil. Start with something small you’d like to change. Asking for millions of dollars or becoming the leader of the world is ridiculous. Remember, it’s all about the belief. If you believe this will work, the fundamental fabric of our universe will answer your call.

I would also suggest checking out the website Tommie Kelley’s Adventures in Woo Woo as it is a great repository of learning material.

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