Chaos Magicks University

Here’s a little side project you should check out called Chaos Magicks University.

Newp, I’m not tryin’ to teach ya how to open wormholes and shit. It’s not Harry ¬†Potter and we’re not going to sorting houses. These are some of the random wonders I’ve found out there. They may be helpful to you or they may not. I call it Chaos Magicks University because it’s good SEO and it’s about, y’know, chaos magick. You’ll not find any secret knowledge that can’t be found with a simple Google search but, then again, you don’t have to search for it now.

This is an interesting, and I think useful, linking repository of chaos magick that looks kinda badass.

I’ll add to this periodically and I’m open to suggestions to link on the page if anyone comments something worth linking.

You can also check out some of the other chaos magick articles here on the blog as well.

Dive into the chaos of multiversal delights. Never have you beheld such wonders. Never will you look the same way at reality again. Peek behind the curtain.

Source: Chaos Magicks – The Chaos, Real Magic, Magic Spells

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