Do you ever forget that you are alive and earth and nature and everything is a thing?

Sometimes, or a lot of days, you’re just there living your life, focused on your job, your goals, your problems. And then you look at a microwave and you’re like “what the heck is this?” a metal box connected to electricity that moves water particles around and heats things; isn’t this surreal? What is even electricity? What? Look at this plant: This tree is older than my great grandmother. What. The. Fuck.

And then existence is seen for very brief moments as something remarkable and every aspect of human life seems dumb in comparison. And you understand all of those religious concepts, but it’s much more impactful and there’s really no worship, just a grasp of great incomprehension and amazement… And then it fades, and daily life just goes on as usual. Beep beep, the time is over, your food is hot and ready. Nham nham.