Generational curses

A Generational Curse is either a negative energy or an ill intent that is placed upon the whole family or specific members of the family. It is not limited to one generation – its effects are passed down the family line.
Definition of a Curse
A curse can be described as a figure of speech, wish or an evil utterance of action with intention to inflict harm towards someone. It is a special kind of negative energy, that influences directly the energies in the energy body of the cursed individual.
An innocent sentence, such as: “Girl, you will never get married,” or: “Boy, you will always be useless,” can also create a simple curse. This kind of curses are usually called “Unintentional curses”.  The speaker is not aware of that even seemingly innocent words can be very hurtful. Each word or thought has an energy and frequency – either positive or negative, sometimes evil… very evil.
A Generational Curse is one of the most dangerous and complicated curses. The primary target is one person, but the negative energy is affecting the whole family line. Generational Curses are intentional.
When a specific person wants to hurt someone, their intent is so strong and powerful, that Generational Curses are not easy to break.
Curse can be applied through an inanimate object like a house, piece of furniture, stone or other artifacts. But this is not a general rule. In most cases, a curse means projecting a negative energy towards someone.
Not all curses are created by people who want to hurt you. Some of them are made by us. Each thought will come back to us. And our beliefs can also create a curse.
Then there are, of course, curses created by someone else – either in this lifetime, or in one of the past lives. The strength depends on the power in which the curse was cast. It can last for generations and it can very negatively influence all aspects of the life.
Psychological point of view
If a family is experiencing more than a normal amount of bad luck, some members may start to believe their family is a victim of a Generational curse. They may be right. But often they are not. Our minds are very powerful and can see the patterns in things that doesn’t mean anything at all.
If something bad happened to you, you usually start to notice things that are happening around you. One day you may spill the box of milk. Some other day you may drop the whole box of eggs. Then you may slip on the ice. Then you may lose your wallet. Too many strange incidents of bad luck. And it is not limited only to you. Now, you start noticing that others members of your family have similar events happening in their lives.
Quite often it doesn’t mean anything at all. Many people are experiencing these misfortunes every day. Some may feel frustrated, others may laugh how clumsy they are. But some may start to believe that there are invisible forces at play. If you truly believe in something, you will make it happen. You can attract those things to you.
If you truly believe you are under an influence of a curse, you unknowingly may create it. You are the creator of the curse, which can influence not only your life but also the lives of people around you. Once you start to look at the events more clearly, the curse may suddenly, almost miraculously, disappear.
People with various mental illnesses can be more prone to these types of “fake curses”. Some experts even claim that all Generational Curses are only symptom of mental illness. According to them those beliefs are caused by depression, multiple personality disorder, etc. In other words, science considers curses as a malfunction of the brain. Yes, they are right to some extent. Individuals with a mental illness may convince themselves about many things. But this theory cannot be applied to all cases. Yes, it is a possibility. But it can’t be taken as the absolute truth.
Religious point of view
Religious point of view is quite narrow-minded. Christianity clearly states that Generational Curses are real and very common, and I only add the following to support the broader acceptance of the generational curse (because if the bible says it… must be true!)
According to Exodus 20:5–6, there are three main causes of the Generational Curses:
Family, or some members of the family were practicing Occult rituals. The family has witches or warlocks in their family line.
Family was cursed by someone else.
One or more members of the family participated in sinful activities.
The first point may be reasonable to some extent. The second one is the truth. The last one not so much.
Christianity describes the Generational Curses as a punishment that is passed down from one generation to another due to rebellion against God. These rebellious activities may include: divorce, poverty, anger, laziness, lust, greed… basically all activities that are marked as ungodly and sinful – most of these activities are natural and absolutely normal for human beings.
According to the Bible, every sinful habit or belief negatively affects our lives and lives of those around us. But everyone sins. Even the purest, most innocent souls do sin.  If we would take the religious point of view as the absolute truth, than all families are under a Generational Curse – not one, not even two, but under many very dangerous and unforgivable curses. And this number is multiplying every day.
Exodus 20:5 says that children are punished for the sins of their fathers. In other words, according to Christianity, sins create Generational Curses. It doesn’t matter how much goodness there is in your heart, it doesn’t matter how devout you are – if you sin, you can put your family under the Generation Curse. Therefore it is very common for Christians to believe that they are under the influence of a Generational Curse.
Anyone who uses common sense must see that the religious point of view is flawed. Yes, there is some truth to it – especially the first two points. But the last point, that is so often mentioned in connection with the Generational Curses, is misleading. It is no surprise, that this concept might be one of the reasons why people turn away from Christianity.

Manifestations of the Generational Curses
Generational Curses can manifest in many different ways. It is hard to summarize all typical manifestations. Every curse is different. Manifestations of the powerful curses can be very hard to diagnose.

Nightmares can have different meanings. Some are a result of a mental illness, others are our own imagination. Nightmares usually mean absolutely nothing. Although in some cases nightmares indicate serious problems – from Demon or Spirit Possession to Generational Curses.
Occasional nightmares are uncomfortable. They are caused by stress, anxiety, depression, etc. However they are normal. Recurring and very strange dreams may be a sign of something possibly dangerous. Write them down. Your notes may be useful later.

Physical Indicators
Generational Curses can cause health issues. Manifestations can range from insignificant problems to serious diseases. It is important not to forget that many diseases are hereditary. Not everything is caused by a curse. If there are more strange events surrounding your family, then there may be a reason to believe there is a curse effecting the family. It is necessary to look for more manifestations and unusual signs happening around the family.

Injuries deserve a special classification. Look for similar, unusual, suspicious injuries happening in one family in short period of time or in a repeating pattern.
A classic example may be this:
Grandfather suffered very serious head injury when he turned 40. Father suffered the same injury at the same age. His son also suffered very serious head injury not long after he turned 40. It may be more than a coincidence. You may find out, that similar pattern is appearing throughout the family history.

Physical beauty
Physical beauty also deserves a separate classification.
Many people feel that they are “cursed” with big ears, short legs or ugly skin. However, most of these features are genetic.
What if that big wart on a girl’s chin, that only the oldest daughters have, is something else? Or what if that big mole on a right cheek, that only the youngest sons have, is something more? Obviously, it still can be genetic, but if there are more unusual manifestations surrounding the family, it is time to look for the answers.

Character flaws
A Generational Curse may take form of various character flaws: addictions, abusive behavior, bad anger control, etc.
Let say, a father has issues with anger management. He drinks more than he should. And when he is drunk he is very aggressive. Seemingly nothing suspicious. It is a very common behavior trait. But if there is a Generational Curse in play, all sons in the family may behave the same way. Not only in one generation but in many to come and in many that are long gone.
Character flaws as a manifestation may be hard to diagnose. There are many factors in play. Genetic, upbringing, environment, etc. Members of the same family usually behave in similar ways. But when these flaws are present throughout the family history, it is necessary to be more careful.
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Bad Luck
Bad luck can be very tricky form of manifestation. All of us experience bad luck from time to time. Some more often than others. Most incidents are a coincidence. But our minds are searching for similar patterns and we often take two completely unrelated information and we join them together like two pieces of a puzzle.
But imagine this situation:
One member of a specific family starts their own business. He is very smart and talented. There is no space for failure. But he is flooded with problems – not the usual ones. Strange accidents, bad and absolutely absurd decisions… disaster after disaster.  Very promising business have turned into a catastrophe. Normally, it wouldn’t be anything unusual. Many business plans fail. But if the same scenario is happening again and again, one generation after another… it might be the right time to look into the family’s history in a search for more answers.
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Breaking a Generational Curse
Generational Curses are hard to diagnose. They are often misunderstood. Not only by general public or those who suffer under their effects but also by modern witches, healers, shamans, psychics, etc.
Breaking a Generational Curse is usually harder than breaking an average curse.

The first steps
In order to break a Generational Curse, you need to know what you are dealing with. You cannot do anything unless you know what you are working with.
The most important step is to admit there is a problem. But you have to exclude all logical explanations: mental illness, genetics, ordinary instances of bad luck, etc.  It is necessary not to use your own feelings, beliefs or personal deductions.
When you are sure the events surrounding your family are strange and very unusual, start look for more information. The more information you have, the better you can diagnose the family’s situation.
Typically, a family who suffers from a Generational Curse knows what is happening. There are stories being told from one generation to another. It is a common knowledge. Not all families have this kind of advantage. Some may be absolutely clueless what is going on. But usually there is a story that runs in the family. So look for that.
Only with all the information, you can finally start putting two and two together. And you can make the final decision – IS My family is under a Generational curse… or not?
Next steps
The team at BWC can always assess this situation for you. It is best to order a service such as the Cleansing package and specify that you feel a generational curse was placed into your family, so our experts can additionally focus on this area as well as the cleanse.
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Defense curse
Most powerful curses are accompanied by a defense curse. It is a protection that should prevent removing the original curse.  Anyone who will try to help the cursed family can automatically become part of the curse.
There are people who are able to break even those curses. There are still very good-hearted people who would do it for free, but most will demand a price for what they are doing. The process of removing a defense curse can be very dangerous and grueling…

Generational Curses are hard to break
Generational Curses are in general hard to break. The creator of the curse is usually long dead, but the energy is still there. The curse keeps going and it is still impacting the members of the family.
The family’s belief that they are under the curse keeps fueling it even more. At some point, the magic may disappear – but the family’s belief keeps it running. The story that runs in the family can, in some cases, become the curse itself. Belief is a powerful force. This situation may sound hopeless, but it is not.
If you are working with an experienced helper, he or she may realize what is going on. The belief that is fueling the curse can actually be used as an advantage. Simple curse breaking methods will do the work. After the ritual, the family will start to believe that the curse is broken. The members will stop creating their own bad luck and misfortune. The believe in the curse breaking method must be stronger than the believe in the curse itself.  And each member of the affected family must believe it. The more the curse breaking method looks real, the better.
Not all healers, psychics, or shamans, are able to remove the curse properly. They might think they can do it, but many can’t. Some are charlatans. Don’t trust blindly. Follow your intuition.
Even those who can break a curse have different skill level. Some can break only weaker curses, they can’t do anything with the strong and powerful ones. Some are even forbidden to help at some cases.
Before each curse breaking the helper should ask their Spirit Guide, if it is possible to help the person or family. They need a permission to do it, because some curses are irremovable. There are special information written in the energies… records of every move, every thought and every act of each individual – not only in this life, but in all of their past lives. These records also contain information who sent the curse, when and why.
The person who is trying to help need to have an access to those information. Otherwise he or she would risk getting into serious problems.
Those are the reasons why breaking a Generational Curses is very complex and dangerous process.
Real cases of the Generational Curses
Chest of Drawers – Conjured Chest
The story of the Conjured Chest is described in a letter written by Virginia Cary Hudson Cleveland. In the letter, she was describing the story, that her mother, Eliza, told her when Virginia was a child. Virginia also documented the story in her book called “Flapdoodle, Trust & Obey”.
The book is telling a story about a plantation owner, a murdered slave, a wooden chest and a curse that brought misery and misfortune to one family. All names in the book were changed.
The story is set back in the 1840s. Slave owner named Jacob Cooley owned a large plantation outside Frankfurt in Kentucky. Cooley was very cruel and evil master. When his wife finally got pregnant, he wanted a beautiful chest for his newborn baby. He gave an order to one of his slave named Hosea, who was a very skilled carpenter. Hosea did a wonderful job. He made a very beautiful chest of drawers. But Cooley didn’t like it and he unmercifully punished Hosea. He beat him up and Hosea succumbed to his injuries few days later.
The murder outraged the slaves. Hosea’s death couldn’t go unpunished. Among the slaves there was a “conjure man”, known for practicing spells and curses. The slaves got close to the chest for a long enough time to sprinkle the dried owl blood and chant over the chest. And then the conjure man placed a curse on it. The curse that meant death to future generations of the Cooley family. But Cooley didn’t suspect anything. And if he did, he probably wouldn’t even care. Although he didn’t like the chest, he placed it in the baby’s room.
The baby was born. It was a son. Within days after his birth, the child died. He become the first victim of the Cooley curse. To this day, the curse killed at least sixteen people.
Virginia Cary stored her first baby’s clothing in the chest. The baby died. Her son Stanley placed his hunting clothing in the chest. Not long after that, he was shot. Virginia had had enough of the chest and asked one of the servants to remove the curse. Together they completed all the steps necessary to break the curse. To this day, the owl feathers remain in the top drawer to keep the curse at bay.
In 1976 the Conjured Chest was donated by Virginia to the Kentucky Historical Society. It is not kept on display for the general public.
In 2017, Beverly Mayne Kienzle, daughter of Virginia Cary Hudson Mayne, published a book called “The Conjured Chest: A cursed Family in Old Kentucky,” where she identified the victims and their real names.

The Kennedy Curse
The Kennedy Curse is probably one of the most documented cases of a family curse. It all started with Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.
Joseph Kennedy Jr. and Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish both perished in plane crashes in the 1940s. Rosemary Kennedy struggled with developmental issues. It lead to a tragic lobotomy that made her even more disabled. John F. Kennedy was supposed to turn the family’s “bad luck” around. However he was assassinated in 1963. Five years after that a lone gunman murdered his younger brother, Robert Kennedy. Two of Robert’s children died in tragic incidents – overdose and skiing accident. John F. Kennedy Jr., JFK’s son, lost his life alongside his wife and sister-in-law in a plane crash.
The last victim was Saoirse Kennedy Hill, who died of an accidental drug overdose in August 2019. She was the 13th victim that succumbed to the family curse. The Kennedy curse has also impacted family friends, associates, and other relatives of the family.
There are multiple origin myths that are trying to explain the Kennedy curse. Which one is the right one knows only the Kennedy family. Edward Kennedy Jr. said he didn’t believe in any curse. According to him the Kennedy family is just like every other family in America.

The Habsburg Royal Family
The House of Habsburg was one of Europe’s wealthiest and most powerful families. But life wasn’t all palaces, crown jewels and luxury… there was a curse hanging over the family.
In 1848, Emperor Franz Joseph ordered the execution of a group of rowdy Hungarians after a failed rebellion. Among them was 18-year-old boy, son of Countess Karolyi, who promptly placed a curse on Franz Joseph. This curse was later blamed for the tragedies that were following the family from then on.
Franz Joseph barely escaped an assassination attempt. His wife was stabbed to death by an Italian anarchist. His son died in a murder-suicide pact with his lover. His younger brother was executed by a firing squad. Another member of the family fell off horse. Another burned to death in a house fire. Two others committed suicide. Another vanished on a sea, never to be heard from again. Others went mad. For seven decades, the family was plagued with misery and tragedies. It culminated in the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. His death triggered World War I, which lead to the dismantling of the Habsburg Empire.
Some of the tragedies of the Habsburg family were of their own making. The dynasty believed in inbreeding to keep the royal bloodline pure. As a result, many members of the family ended up looking deformed and suffered from serious medical conditions that often resulted in death. The most infamous was a feature, which become known as the “Habsburg Jaw” – pronounced under-bites and long chins, in medical terms known as mandibular prognathism.

Your thoughts or experiences in this matter are welcome. Generational curses is an area of magick I study and follow with passion.

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