Trumpocalypse Now: Going off the rails…

So, kids, what have we learned over the course of this week?

Fascism, alive and well?

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups?

The America you thought you lived it never existed?

Well, the joke is on all of us because we were too confident that America couldn’t be this stupid.

Yes, we elected a rapist. We elected a misogynist. We elected a fucking idiot with the maturity of a 10-year old. His running mate is a right-wing extremist in a slimeball salesman’s coat. He wants to put together his cabinet with fringe nut jobs. He actually thinks he’s going to build a fucking wall and make Mexico pay for it. No, for real. He thinks this.

I mean, seriously, what the fuck America? Where the fuck were you when we needed you most? Your goddamn pride was so besmirched by Hillary Clinton that you couldn’t do what was right for the country as a whole?

I hope that protest vote for this guy is soothing in the coming days of the Trumpocalypse:

I’m so fucking glad your conscience is clear and you feel good about yourselvesÂ?YOU SELFISH FUCKING WASTE OF GENETIC MATERIAL.

If you can’t tell, I’m a bit militant at the moment. There is a clear separation of good and evil happening here, something that goes beyond mere politics into the depths of our country’s soul. We are deciding who can be included in this American Dream and shunning those that are unworthy.

That’s mighty fucking white of you.

Yeah, I’m talking directly to you assholes wearing masks to hide your identity, proud of being useless pigs better for nothing other than the constant stream of garbage that comes out of your hateful mouths. You haven’t won a thing, sweet cheeks. You’ve got an asshole you like in the highest office of the land, but you haven’t won our hearts and minds, and I’m here to tell you a little secret: we outnumber you and we’re smarter.

Enjoy your last gasp of breath as you slowly fade into the annals of history. You’re a dying breed and there isn’t enough of you to infect a sizeable number of the next generation.

We underestimated all of you. That’s our bad. We should have been paying attention. We should have ensured you were better educated so as not to make ignorant decisions. We fell asleep at the wheel, though.

Now they want to shove a unity message down our throat. They are trying to tell us that the nation needs to heal and we should support the Orange Overlord.

Here’s what I say to that:

For 8 years we had a President in office that was truly trying to help. He was trying to ensure things like universal healthcare worked for everyone. You all shit on that, though. You all acted like petulant children.

So, fuck you.

There will be no unity. There will be no bowing down. There will be no cooperation.

We will obstruct. We will resist. We will aid and abet. We will do everything in our power to ensure the next 4 years are full of constant brush fires. We’re the fire starters, peeps, and you pissed us off. There isn’t a wall big enough we won’t go through. There aren’t enough prisons in the world to hold us back. You’ve made sure to take our progress away, so we don’t have much else to lose. You backed us into a corner. Good job and bad move.

I hope you enjoy the chaos over the next 4 years. It should be fun and always interesting. Stay tuned to your digital newsfeed citizen. Shit is about to get real fucking bumpy.

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