Goodbye Mr. Cooke…

yuteeexukyktfehyrudqTo put it mildly, I’m a fan of comic books. I learned how to read because of them, and they’ve always held a special place in my heart. It’s no surprise that I’ve become attached to some of my favorite creators. They create these wonderful worlds that allow me to slip out of whatever ails me on any given day, and drift into magical lands where my problems fade away for a while.

Darwyn Cooke was one of my favorites.

COOKEPROMOART_smallMr. Cooke did it all in comics, and he was very good at it, earning multiple awards over the course of his career. He was also a talented storyboard artist for several animated shows. He is most well known for his 2004 comic “DC: The New Frontier,” which bridged the gap between the golden age and silver age of DC comics. His “Parker” comics from IDW were also a highlight in my opinion.

I could pontificate endlessly about his work because it is some of the best damn comic book work that has ever existed, but I think it speaks for itself. Instead, I wanted to tell you how Mr. Cooke affected my life.

Cooke 4Mr. Cooke didn’t know me, by any stretch of the imagination. We never hung out, drank beers, and talked a bunch of smack together. No, the only way I knew Mr. Cooke was through his work, but that work affected me deeply. His mastery of storytelling was something I examined endlessly, trying to figure out the quirks of the machine. His characters were low-key, and human, which helped audiences identify closely with the characters. He made people feel for the characters in a way that I’ve seen very few creators accomplish. Mr. Cooke was a master of the form.

971cfdfd924720045f8c1fc46d81979bI would like to say, to Mr. Cooke’s family, that he will be missed by a lot of people you’ve never met. He created such fantastic stories for the world, and they were so good on a level that’s hard to describe. He was an inspiration, and his memory will live on in my heart and the hearts of many others. I hope you can find peace in your heart to help you through this tough time.

Rest in peace, Mr. Cooke.

Joe Forrest

Joe Forrest is an IT/Web Consultant by night, writer of fiction and/or helpful words which help you write words better by day. He uses naughty words and does not care if you like his sometimes harshly worded advice. He has many secret names and 7 souls. Writer, Tech, and Chaos Magician.

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