I’ve been missing a while, yeah?

I’m not sure if you’ve missed me or not but I feel as if I owe you an explanation for my absence since I was talking up NaNo and then it seemed as if I were sucked into the void. Here’s the truth of it… I WAS sucked into the void. NaNo went to hell real quick due to “life stuff” and I knew I wouldn’t finish. No fuss, NaNo can be a beast to handle on the best day. I hope many of you survived and got through. I’d love to hear your success story.

So, where have I been?

Living life for the most part. Working and trying to network with other individuals. Clearing my head, which every writer should do now and again. If your brain is too full of stress and the daily bullshit it becomes pretty hard to create anything. You lose all hope of organization, the muse goes quiet, and you’re left sitting on the step, locked out of your house, when the rain starts to pour. All that being said, the time off has done me good and it’s led to something that will be going live on April 1st of this year.

Pretty catchy name, huh? Invokes all sorts of feelings of endings and beginnings. As it should. GZS has been something rattling around in my brain for several years now but just never found a foothold. There just wasn’t any substance to go with the really cool name. I’ve thought, for that entire time, that something would come along that would truly fit the feel of this kernel of an idea. When I started practicing chaos magick it just chortled laughter in the back of my head and whispered to me, “Almost there, Joe.” It all came together when I founded…

The ChaosPunk Collective

The CPC is a Facebook group that I started to pool creative talents in the arena of chaos magick. I’ve been of the opinion from the get-go that art, in whatever form it takes, is the oldest kind of magick available for humankind to manipulate and achieve things. I found some amazing artists to join the Collective. The end goal of the project is to get their work out there for others to consume, to educate people on what chaos magick is, and to help move humanity forward.

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is kind of fucked up right now.

We’re on the brink of nuclear war due to Twitter feuds between world leaders. Never has there been such an imbalance between the haves and the have-nots. Education is going downhill. Violence is on the rise. Racism is making a major comeback. Gender inequality is fucking up the program. Last but not least, we’re killing the fucking planet. Something has to be done about it. The only way to change is to take a new perspective, force a different paradigm, where we shed our former skins and become something new. We’re in the middle of a cultural ground zero. We’re playing a zero-sum game and humanity is on the losing side.

We want to change that.

The world needs something to inspire, something to provide the hope needed to forge a new future. The world needs chaotes, chaos mages, ready to rewrite the rules. It needs ChaosPunks. Psychonauts diving into the ether to bring back what we’ve lost…ourselves. Technomages with one foot in history and myth, the other firmly in the advanced technologies of today.

Does this mean I’m done writing?

Hell no! In fact, some of my best writing is yet to play out on the new site and I will continue to make updates on this one. I will be rebranding a bit here. I will still, of course, write Writer’s Corner when I can or I have something useful to say. I will not, however, be taking submissions any longer (unless it’s a special occasion.) This is going to become a much more personal site.

I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

It’s going to be exciting and I’ve got a lot planned. I’m working with some fantastic people to make some amazing things happen. Won’t you join me?

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