Help with dream interpretation/ who is this “person” I keep coming across?

Start this by saying, I have a lot of weird dreams that I usually half remember but every once in awhile I’ll have a dream like this one that makes me emotional to even think about. ((Also this is coming out of a note I wrote for myself, so although I tried to polish it up for Reddit & add some stuff, it might be a little random at parts lmao))

I was at docks near a lake, I was with people running from something I think, we were doing something. The whole play was very blue and grey. The whole aesthetic of the place reminds me of the Harry Potter movies, I don’t really like that look it’s too sad looking &gloomy for me.

Anyways skipping to another part I clearly remember next being at a warehouse near the docks, everything the same. Now looking back you could also say it was a barn without paint maybe. I remember there was a path right outside the doorway, and a little ramp type thing made out of planks of wood. I peered out and saw, maybe 3 people running. I was hiding, but still I tried to call attention to the people running. I think I was trying to warn them or tell them of something.

Anyways, they weren’t listening and I was getting annoyed. I said then aloud, “why won’t they pay attention to me?!” Then someone behind me, I feel from their energy they were taller than me, but I never looked at them. They told me that I looked different and that they couldn’t recognize me.

So basically I was like what, but then turning away from the door and toward the wall, where there was a mirror. I’ve heard about dream mirrors being scary, but mostly I looked the same, save for a few things.

In the mirror my face was black and white. In the middle of my face, crawling from around my eyes to my forehead, was what I might describe as either black branches or veins. My mind goes to branches bc i love trees& nature, but veins would make sense in dream context too. The last thing I remember about my face was that I was wearing a flower crown that I own, but that could just bc I had worn it a couple weeks before.

Last note actually about the dream: This, “person”, I feel them around me a lot. Several times in dreams, twice in waking life. It’s been brought to my attention they could be a spirit guide, or something similar. I don’t know if I get that vibe(don’t ask me why, idk), I mean probably they are, but if anyone has any other ideas, please let me know, I would be so so grateful

I might also be posting this to a dream interpretation subreddit, but for now I feel like any answers from this subreddit would be might be more what I’m looking for especially due to the last part of the dream. Or I’ll end up deleting this post, dreams feel so personal and make me so emotional it feels so weird to post ugh;(