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About the Site

joeforrest.com is a site for your WordPress site needs, advice on your web presence, and aspiring writers.

So, you want to know something about me?

Well, here's a lot of stuff about me. I'm a writer, chaos magician, internet technology/website hosting guru, pop culture enthusiast, comic book mega-nerd, and part-time supervillain just trying to take over the make my way in this crazy world. This website is my interwebs Fortress of Doom. I think I'm pretty awesome but you've obviously come to this page for some insight into who I am.

I have a creative writing degree with a focus on entertainment writing (Fiction, Screen Writing, Comic Book Scripting, etc.)

My focus genre falls firmly in the science fiction & fantasy realms but I've done a smattering of non-fiction articles in addition to my blog writing. You can find my work on my portfolio page if you'd like to take a look. I've written everything from technical manuals to political diatribes to speculative fiction over the years, so my experience is pretty diverse. I also like helping others succeed which is why I write my Writer's Corner series with articles like 20 Tips for New Writers and Just Write.

My personal passion is writing and helping others become better writers and get the exposure they deserve.

I offer several writer services and serve as a tech expert affiliate for a hosting company focused on writers, Writer's Corner Hosting. I help develop writer websites for fun and profit and I'm well-versed in the vagaries of WordPress having worked with the CMS for most of a decade now. You can check out a bit of my tech expertise in the articles Author Websites and Peep this, yo! SSL, SEO, Google, & You.


Working, writing, living...this is what I am.

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