I think someone is trying to make contact and I need some moral support.

TL;DR: at the bottom

So I’m not a stranger to the occult. I’ve been a practitioner and believer most of my life, falling between periods of armchair magician to practical again. I’ve had my share of paranormal experiences, banished a spirit once or twice. Standard stuff for anyone that’s into it.

I first did reading on the Goetia probably 4-5 years ago, just some knocking around on Wikipedia and what not and I remember really liking the depiction of Buer out of the few I read up on. Forward to recently; I started to notice that Buer comes up a lot when I’m looking up demons. Somehow I always end up on his wiki page or his name will pop out the most to me when reading, lately his name is popping up in my head a lot. I’ve been “drawn” to deities before but this is very persistent. Now on to last night…

I’d been toying with the idea of contacting Buer but I don’t have room for an altar and to spare the boring part, don’t want to dedicate myself to a spirit currently. From my understanding of demonolatry, the relationship you build Is very personal and it’s something I’ve always been wary of. I’ve always done more “higher self” side, my own power as opposed to calling spirits and aside from praying to Mercury, I don’t do a ton of spirit work.

Sorry, rambling, last night, I did a banishing and a quick sigil in the shower. Nothing crazy, done it a million times. I laid down and as I start to doze off I hear this, licking. It sounded like something was drinking from my dogs water bowl. I sat up but he was asleep next to my bed, and my cats were in the other room. Then it started to feel very dense in the room and I could feel something there. Not evil, but for sure present. I had very vivid dreams that night.

Was Buer lapping water up to get my attention? It didn’t feel sinister but personally I don’t know if it’s him or something else. I’m tempted to do the guardian demon work with the pendulum to see if we actually have an affinity for each other, but I’m concerned I’ll be tricked. I’d hate to be rude and banish him.

I guess the point of this is, should I just do the ritual and see? I’ve done what reading I can find on him and I like to think it’s him. Anyone else have an experience like this? Also, how do you pronounce their name? Is it like BUU-AIR or BOO-EAR?

TL;DR: I think Buer is trying to tell me something but I’m having a hard time working up the confidence to do the pendulum ritual. Could use to insight and support.