Immanetize the Eschaton


People in chaos magick circles always shout the refrain, “Immanetize the eschaton!”

In fact, many groups’ sole dedication is to that and that alone. For those not in the know, this sounds extremely scary, and like a bunch of people are messing with the occult to bring about the end of the world.

In truth, some groups are doing exactly that. They try to use magick to bring about the end of everything. We won’t be speaking about those groups. We’ll only talk about what the phrase really means.

The eschaton, for lack of better definition, is the end of the world.

Eschatology has existed as long as any human-made religion. It’s the part of almost all theologies concerned with the final events of human history or its destiny.

According to some Christian Protestant denominations, the end will begin with the faithful being “raptured” — which basically means magicked up to heaven.

According to Judaism, the exiles will be in-gathered to Israel, the dead will come back to life, and all humanity will live in a perfect world.

For Islam, we find a judgment for all, during which believers are distinguished from infidels by producing more sweat.

I think Scientologists get a universe or something. Who the hell knows?

So, the eschaton has been around a long time. That concept shouldn’t be that scary to most, but perhaps it causes a bit of existential dread. Don’t worry. You’re a normal human.

But those crazy occultists want to end the world now!

See, here’s the part that trips most people up. Magick, in essence, is similar to speaking another language. We like to fiddle with words and such until they take on the meaning we want. Indeed, the first magician was the one who told a story on the wall of a cave, I’m quite sure.

ImmAnetize is not the same as imminent. Imminent means that something is coming, approaching, or about to be realized into consensual existence. Immanent means something that’s all-pervasive, universal.

So, to Immanetize the Eschaton essentially means to live life and make it your own. In chaos magick terms, this includes whatever rituals/spells/beliefs/etc. is required to make that come about.

No, we don’t want to blow up your world. We live here, too. We’re just trying to live our best lives, primarily.

You did say there are others out there that DO want to destroy the world.

That is absolutely true. There are many out there that use occult practices in the everyday world to ruin and destroy it. There are cults and devil worshipers and those that work with the demons of old to topple the world. They do this in secret and in seclusion.

Then some do it out in the open. Organizations like Exxon, Facebook, Nestle, and any of the other major corporations that rape the planet for resources with no concern to their replenishment.

You also have all the extremists, bigots, supremacists, and tyrants out in the world. They, too, are just as evil.

Just remember, in the end, it’s always an apocalypse somewhere.

But what does this mean to a magician and how should you use it?

We wouldn’t presume to tell you how to use it. That choice is bound to free will and completely on your own preferences. We do recommend you make wise decisions, because unwise decisions can be quite a detriment to your practice.

The concept of immanetizing the eschaton allows you to adapt. For someone, the world is always truly ending. If you’re that someone, this concept gives you a door out. It allows you something that others rarely have, a chance to change your circumstances.

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