I’ve been Changing and I think it might be Occult Related. Any Explanation would help!

So I’ve been fighting with myself on whether or not to post this for a while. I’ve written and deleted this several times. I feared that people wouldn’t believe me or even attack me because what I’m about to say will sound strange.

But honestly I’ve decided that I would like answers so if you feel like you’re not going to believe me just don’t say anything. But if you would like to be helpful than that will be greatly appreciated. So please, buckle down because this is going to be a long one.

So for the past few months I’ve noticed myself changing, and yes with someone in their late teens you could chalk that up to puberty, but this is different.

So I guess I should start with the first thing, I can “smell” peoples emotions. I noticed that I can sense when people are hiding something or lying, like I sense their secrets. I thought I was crazy until I started asking about them and it turns out I was right. It’s like a heat people give off and honestly, the negative energy is almost intoxicating. It sounds bad, but it’s the warmest next to maybe love.

With that also comes with people spilling their guts and secrets to me. It’s like they get into a trance and are compelled to confess things to me. People who I’ve just met have told me their worst secrets, hopes, and fears. Not like simple shit, like deep, take to your grave things. I’ve asked people about and they’ve said a mixture of something in my voice or eyes that just make them trust me. Which I’m flattered, but a lot of it is super tmi and it freaks me tf out.

Next thing is that I’ve been healing a lot faster, like a lot a lot faster than I should. I’ve always had a pretty decent immune system and high pain tolerance but this is different. I’ll get cuts, bruises, sore feeling etc and I’ll take a nap and POOF gone. I got a cut on my arm last week that was semi deep, went to sleep, and couldn’t even find it hours later. It’s freaky, like creepy as shit. Hell, I’m convinced my immune system is an Olympic athlete because I CANT GET SICK.

Next is my hearing. I’ve always had very good hearing, but again, shits been weird. Actually, hearing was the earliest sign that I was changing. Again, my hearing has always been great, but if I focus I can hear things. Once about 2 years ago, I decided to test the limits and laid in bed, in my dark room home alone and focused my hearing. Now behind my house is a few miles of woods, like Max 10. So I focused on different sounds, birds, frogs, light hum of electricity, until I was able to reach the highway a few miles from the woods, and focus on a single car engine. That was freaky and I haven’t done it since. I have however, trained it into echo location. Think like Daredevil, but I’m not blind. i can put my hand on a door, knock on it and feel how many people are inside. One time I focused and heard someone’s heart beat, and at that point I thought I was crazy.

The thing that probably freaks most people out but I’m actually proud of is that cold weather doesn’t affect me that much. I’m from the Northern United States originally but live in the South, so I always attributed to just being used to the cold. I’m a pretty lean guy and basically hairless naturally, but 20 degrees weather you can catch me with shorts and flip flops completely unbothered. It’s a trick I’ve always wanted to learn controlling my body temperature bit over time I just naturally got that control.

Last major thing as that I can sense things before they happen. It’s less clairvoyance, more spider sense. Things will slip across the room or someone will tense a muscle and my body shudders like a bolt of electricity going through my system, warning me some shit is up. Sometimes it’s slow acting, like a growing sense of unease, hell it saved me last Halloween when a party I went to got shot up. Hell last night, I was sitting outside my dorm, music full blast in my earbuds trying to drown out the noise and I just got a jolt go through my system. I look through the window of my dorms staircase and saw a friend of mine speeding down the stairs.

So the only thing that really bothers me is that I’ve started to feel like a lot more “feral”. Like I don’t want to howl at the moon or run through the woods naked, but have more animal urges. I see meat and wanted to tear through like a dog. Someone will piss me I just get a primal urge assert dominance. I’m a pretty fair tempered guy, so this is freaky to me.

Final pretty minor things:

My appearance has always had some interesting additions. My ears are pointed at the ends, like I used to joke about being an elf because I have pointy ass ears. No one else in my family has them, just me. Actually, my biological father has similar ears to me, but his are longer. I have no contact with the man but no one on my moms side knows anything about his family or really anything with his past. Along with this people have mentioned to me that my eyes shine kinda like a dogs, as if I have a tapetum. I can see in the dark a lot better than most, but I really just end up relying on my echo location.

I have a weird affinity to animals, especially dogs. Dogs and I always had a sort of unspoken alliance. I used to have a dog and I didn’t even need say anything to him, we’d just make eye contact and he knew what to do. Truly the only time I haven’t weird about any of these abilities is when I’m running through a field or the woods with a dog.

And before you ask, yes I have gone to the doctor and mental healthy professionals. No tumors and no signs of schizophrenia or anything that would point to insanity. Granted, I do have some emotional issues that I believe play into my animalistic rage.

So why have decided to put myself on Reddit, because I feel like I’m alone. Granted I’ve met a few people in my life with similar “abilities” to me but never to this extent. I’ve scoured the internet trying to find some answers. Sure the there was the occasional story similar to mine, but can you really believe those? I’ve looked at multiple scientific sources and nothing really solid.

I’m a pretty big comic nerd, so that’s where I looked next. But to my knowledge no radioactive spiders, super soldier serum, or alien origin so ya, that was a waste of time.

So I decided to say screw it, let me ask people with knowledge in the Occult. I’ve gotten interested in the supernatural lately, partly because I feel drawn to it.

Granted I think vampires, werewolves, and the Yeti are bullshit, so I’m not saying I’m any of those things because that would be REALLY insane.

So ya, feel free not to believe, if I was in your position I would just as easily call bs. But please, if you don’t believe me don’t say anything cruel, I took a big leap being vulnerable like this. But please, if you feel like humoring I will take anything I can get.

Otherwise, thank you for your time!