Kudos to the Nebulas and the Winners…

Suffice to say, the Hugos have been a clusterfuck tragedy for the past two years.

It's long and convoluted, but basically, a bunch of old toerag white writers decided there was too much diversity in the field of science fiction and they weren't getting their due share of attention. So, they proceeded to tear down one of the most prestigious awards in genre writing by being obnoxious trolls. So, yeah…good job ya douchebags.

Anyway, it seems as if the SFWA?Nebula Awards is making up for this.

A lot of their winners this year were women, which I'm sure makes sad puppies cry. I honestly haven't read many of the winners, but reading up on what they write I'm definitely interested.

I think it's a good thing that our attention is being focused on a farther reaching perspective concerning genre writing.

I like to hear different voices. I like to see what they bring to the table, what they can teach me about the craft, and how they can entertain me. Sorry old white guys, but you are not the absolute authority on the scene. The prospective audience is key, and that audience is kinda fed up with you and the way you act, but please continue until you're a memory.

I like where the writing world is going.

I want to read more science fiction, urban fantasy, and comic books by women. I want to read the same kind of stuff from LGBT writers. I want different viewpoints.

So, here's to diversity. May things only get more diverse and strange in the universe.

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