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Hello and welcome to the site relaunch for joeforrest.com!

So, I had a disastrous¬†issue with a theme and my whole site was corrupted to the extent that even my backups could not save me. This happens sometimes, no matter how good you may be. Instead of giving up and throwing in the towel, I decided to rebuild from the ground up. Now, you’ll get a lean, mean site built for speed with services and info I hope you find very useful.

What is the site about?

I’m glad you asked. As stated on the home page, this site has always been about educating people, entertaining them, and offering services they need in order to ensure their success. While I am primarily a writer, I understand the plight that the modern day creative faces when trying to establish an effective online presence to get their name out to the world. It really isn’t as easy as slapping a domain name on a website builder and expecting success. There are steps and planning that must take place in order to succeed. That’s what I hope to do here.

You offer hosting? What’s that all about?

I’ve been working in the hosting industry for a few years now but I’ve been designing WordPress sites for much longer than that. I have a unique perspective on what it takes to effectively work with a hosting provider in order to meet your goals. A lot of the time the help you need can’t be provided by your hosting company. Instead, you need a developer. So, I thought why not make that experience easier. Why not offer reliable hosting at prices people can afford while also offering supplemental development services at prices that won’t break the bank? Seems like a win-win to me. I get to pay my bills, you get a website that is awesome.

You talk a lot about WordPress. Do you design other sites?

No, I don’t design sites outside of the WordPress CMS. Why you might ask? Well, it’s rather simple really. WordPress currently makes up about 30% of all websites on the internet. That means there is a huge pool of people that could use my help. It also means that the CMS is highly developed with lots of support options. Additionally, it also means that you can create just about any type of website platform you can imagine because the CMS is so versatile. There’s a reason that so many people use WordPress.

I’ve heard WordPress is not a secure platform and it’s always being hacked.

Yes and no. WordPress, as stated above, is the most used CMS on the web today. It’s also open source, which means when a security update is made they make it public knowledge. Hackers exploit this, releasing programs that scour the internet for these exploits, and then they infect WordPress websites that aren’t being properly maintained and secured. Bottom line, most of the time a malware infection on a WordPress site is the fault of the person maintaining the said site.

So, why offer these things?

Because I’m an artist myself and it’s so hard to wade through the noise out there about what a creative artist needs to do in order to establish a good web presence and be seen. Yes, there are a lot of people that offer courses on how to do it. They also charge a ton of money for not so good information. They don’t help with the nuts and bolts of the situation. They don’t tell you how it’s to be done, only that you need to do it.

That’s not what we do. Yes, we sell individualized training but the vast majority of our training will be free, on the blog itself. It does no one any good to horde information. I do it because I want to help people and I don’t want to see them go into a massive amount of student debt like I did in order to learn some simple information that will help them succeed at what they love. That’s how you build a helpful community that supports one another.

At the end of the day, it’s about helping others.

Will I try to make money of my endeavors? You bet your sweet hiney I will. What I won’t do is try to rip people off. I’ll try my best to give them what they need for a price that’s not crazy. For me, this isn’t about making a ton of money. It’s about helping others succeed, building a network, educating, and being a generally decent human being who isn’t trying to steal your last dollar when you’re just trying to make your life better.

Would you like to work with me?

Do you have anything you’d like to bring to the table? Maybe writing some blog posts about your chosen path in life that may help or encourage others? I will go ahead and say this… I can’t pay you for that with actual money (yet.) What I can do is make sure you have a platform that will help promote you. If you write for me, you can drop your name and services all over the blog post. That being said, if I check out your services and I deem that you’re going against my ethics when it comes to helping people out, I will send you a polite rejection. That’s all. No harm, no foul. So, if you’re interested in writing for us please send us a mail at contact@joeforrest.com.

I’m excited. Are you excited?

So, yeah. I’m stoked that the site is back with a purpose to help those who need it, to offer services at a good price, and to help get you where you need to go. Let’s get to work!

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