Magick: Alan Moore Link-O-Rama

Magician, writer, cultural icon…Alan Moore has done it all.

Alan Moore started producing work in the late 70’s, around the time I was born, so it figures that he would have an impact on my life down the road. I was personally introduced to the worlds of Mr. Moore completely by accident when I found a beat up issue of the original Watchmen run in a back issue bin circa 1989. I eventually found a trade paperback of the book and my initial comic book education truly. I had studied the works of Kirby, Moore, Morrison, and Miller. It was a great way to get into comics other than my love of Spider-Man and Superman and took me deeper down the rabbit hole of the comic book multiverse of ideas. It really is a terrific medium.

In my opinion, he’s also one of the world’s most prominent practicing magick users. He speaks on his magick use more than most and his ideas are intriguing.

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The Alan Moore Link-o-Rama


Alan Moore

Alan Moore Wiki

The Sorcery of Alan Moore.

Alan Moore: The Art of Magic.

Alan Moore interview on comics and magic.

The Alan Moore / Grant Morrison Occult War.

Alan Moore interview at

Alan Moore: Could it be magic?

Watch Alan Moore Try to Blow Up a Lemon With His Mind

Wired interview with Alan Moore 2009.

Susanna Clarke interviews Alan Moore: the wonderful wizard of… Northampton

MAGIC IS AFOOT: A Conversation with ALAN MOORE about the Arts and the Occult

If you read only one Alan Moore Jerusalem interview, make it this one


Alan Moore interview: The KLF, magic and Greg Wilson’s Super Weird Happening

Alan Moore: Magic is Becoming Lucid in the Dream of Life

Fossil Angels – Part 1 – why I love The Master…

Salon interview, 2005.

Alan Moore’s work at Avatar Press.

Peter Bebergal Interviews Alan Moore on Creativity, Magic, and More.

Quarto Alan Moore archives.

The Craft: An Interview with Alan Moore

The 21st Century Hasn’t Started Yet: An Interview With Alan Moore

Alan Moore on YouTube:

I could literally fill the page with just YouTube videos. I’ve add

As per usual, if you have any suggestions for anything I may have missed, please let me know.

Here’s where you can find the Grant Morrison Link-O-Rama.

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