Manifesto of a Modern Man

I am not limited by your norms or your traditions. I am unique.

I will not be caged by society, and I will always be a rebel at heart.

I will not let your intolerance stop me from breaking barriers.

I will not fearÂ?because fear is an abstract idea and controllable.

I will indulge my inner animal.

I will walk through the world as if it is mine for the taking.

I will be compassionate and merciful when I can.

I will stand behind my words. I will not bend to propaganda and distraction.

I will not stay quiet when I see evil deeds perpetrated.

I will help smash the Patriarchy.

I will fight inequalityÂ?because no one is free if we aren’t all free.

I will be uninhibitedÂ?because life is short.

If I must fight, I will fight for my family, my friends, my tribe.

I will acknowledge no gods, no masters.

I will be the storm that forces change for the betterment of all people.

I will be the calming day that gives them peace.

I will be, now and forever, who I was meant to be.

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