Remember, Remember, the 8th of November

“May you live in interesting times.†Many think this is an ancient Chinese curse. In reality, it’s an English expression and no evidence or support has ever linked it back to the Chinese. It’s one of those cases where most people believe it’s the truth, so they accept it as the truth. This is the dangerous world we live in today.

We do, indeed, live in interesting times. In which one of our presidential candidates practices career politics and has done some shady things in the past. The other is a failed business person, racist, sexual offender with little to no diplomatic talent and the vocabulary of a 5th-grader. I agree with many out there that it isn’t the best choice. To be fair, though, I don’t see it as a choice. Which is why I’ll vote Hillary on November 8th.


Those on the right will immediately condemn me for supporting Hillary. They will say that if I don’t like her, I shouldn’t vote for her simply because she’s my only other option. They will say I’m compromising my principles. Some will even say since they’re both “evil,†then I shouldn’t vote for either if I don’t support them. To these people, I say:

Grow the fuck up.

This isn’t some high school popularity contest. This isn’t like being made theÂmanager at your local Wal-Mart. This is the Presidency of the United States of America, the most powerful nation on the face of the planet. We’re not just voters, we’re the hiring managers. I don’t give a flying monkey shit whether you think they’re both bad options. You need to be smart enough to realize that your right to vote is a gift that and you need to get your ass out there.

It’s my responsibility as a citizen of this nation to be responsible and cast a vote for the option that is best for all Americans, not just a few. This isn’t necessarily about what I want personally, which is the defining difference between the conservative and liberal viewpoint. Conservatism is about greed, self-gratification, and holding onto the past while refusing the natural evolution of things. Liberalism is about helping others, equality for all, and growing with our future. The great failing of conservatism in America is its unwillingness to adapt with changing social attitudes and the youth of the population. To put it quite simply, they are a relic of the past that will soon be swept away. The fact that they allowed a man like Donald Trump to rise to their top running position should show that to everyone on the planet with no room for error or misinterpretation.


Also, for all you assholes out there that think they’re being edgy and sticking to their guns by voting independent need to get a clue. You’re throwing away your vote. You complain about not being able to influence the election one way or another, so you just toss your vote to some idiots that have absolutely no chance whatsoever at being elected president. Good job, you wankers.

Here is the fact of the matter: Donald J. Trump is not qualified to run our nation. He’s not a good business person as most of his companies have either operated at a loss on your dime or they’ve been involved with shady business practices. There are allegations that he participated in some form or fashion in human trafficking in the 1990’s. He has proven with his words that he is a misogynist and considers women to be an item to buy instead of a human being. He has shown time and again that minorities of any color or creed will face undue diversity because of his actions and policies. He has said that he will ignore treaties established decades ago that have kept the world stable and at peace for the most part. He has vocalized a willingness to use nuclear weapons on other nations.

I want to stop right there and focus on that last sentence. Donald Trump is a man who has said that he has no problem using nuclear weapons in any theater to solve military issues. I would like to remind the American people of the reality of using nuclear weapons. Just saying that we’re willing to use these amazingly destructive weapons destabilizes the planet a bit. If we actually used one of these weapons in a theater of combat, the blowback would be instantaneous. A nuclear war ends in only one way: the eradication of the human species from the planet and existence. Donald Trump is willing to kill us all.

I’m going to be clear when I say thisÂbecause I don’t want to mince words or use confusing language. In fact, I’m going to make sure the sentence is put in bold type so everyone can understand me. Trump supporters are either rich or ignorant.

The rich supporters feel as if they’re going to win either way. If Clinton wins, they’ll likely still enjoy their current style of living for a few more years at the least before they have to back someone who will really hurt their pockets. If Trump wins, they’ve got it made because nothing’s going to change. I’d like to note though that even they seem to be wary of the Donald now. You can’t spend money if you’re dead, after all.

The poor supporters of Trump are simply ignorant. Most of them don’t have enough education in civics because that’s something that isn’t really taught in school anymore. They don’t understand how our government works in the slightest. They watch Fox News. They read Breitbart and the Drudge Report. They listen to sound bites. They don’t really dig deep into the issues and rarely can they give anything real to back up their conspiracy theories. When they can provide proof it usually turns out to be a poorly written diatribe about how many freedoms they’re all losing. They only consume the information which backs up their cognitive dissonance. You cannot save these people or change their minds.

Hillary Clinton has done some shady shit, that much is true. She’s also done a lot of good and that shouldn’t be ignored.

She’s spent 30+ years in the system as a woman, number one. She’s managed to survive in a den of overgrown frat boys and get shit done for THREE FUCKING DECADES.

She’s been everything from a volunteer to the First Lady to a Senator to the Secretary of State. She knows what the hell she is doing in the big seat.

I honestly believe she will spend her time in office doing everything she possibly can to help the American people. While she has shown signs of misjudgment in the past, she has never struck me as a malevolent person. She’ll do her best to help us.

She’s made tough decisions where lives mattered. She’s made calls that the average U.S. citizen can’t even begin to imagine. She’s had to make moral and ethical choices that would cause a normal person to crumble under pressure. She has resolveÂbut she also knows when to compromise.

If you just turned 18 recently and this is your first election cycle, I need you to curb your idealism and indignancy and actually do some real research on the issues. Don’t listen to the bullshit sensationalism and the propaganda. You need to look into the past of these candidates. You need to look for the facts. This is how you adult. You make tough decisions and you live with the results. Sometimes you’re right and sometimes you’re wrong, but you have to make a decision or someone else will do it for you.

I think the choice is fairly simple and plain myself. This election is either about voting to move into the future or voting to spiral back into the past. This, now, is a pivotal moment in U.S. history. This vote on November 8th is your chance to shape the destiny of our nation. Make your voice and your voteÂheard.

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