Serious – Reports of waking up with new persona?


So something interesting happened to me yesterday morning.

(Please note this is serious and I have no mental or emotional disturbances, identity or dissociative disorders)

I woke up normal. Got to my morning routine and I (with 3 sons under 10 yrs) needed to redirect some behaviour.

Usually I get slightly raised in my volume as my voice is a higher pitch (I dont go deep in sterness – but louder and higher to make a point) and out of nowhere – I kid you not – I spoke in a Brooklyn/Boston (I dont even know what) heavy accent and calmly, no nonsense told them “Your gonna stop alright.”

I was alarmed at first, thinking I had finally lost it.

But they reacted better than before at how I got my point across. You see as a single mom, it can get overwhelming with boys/brothers. I talked to my children all morning in this weird tone and new attitude (very cool, calm but no nonsense, matter of fact way) and they were both weirded out and fell in line better.

I dont know how to explain it. I have no connection to the eastcoast USA (Canadian here) and my heritage is Indigenous, African American (Tennessee) and European. Ive never had any interest in New York, Boston or New Jersey. I dont know where this is coming from.

I thought maybe I was channeling someone accidentally, or this is a past life/timeline integrating with me. Or possibly I need mental help.

Edit: No I did not have brain injury or stroke. And the accent doesnt happen all the time. It is almost waiting on reserve for when I need to get my point across or speak sternly/no nonsense to others.

Are there reports of anything similar happening?

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