Talking Theme: A Reedsy Guide

So, what is your story’s theme?

No, no…don’tÂ?give me a synopsis. What is the underlying message you’re trying to convey? Oh, you’re not trying to convey a message? Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Every story is underpinned with a theme. Boy meets girl, madman conquers the world to make it safer, or hobbits traveling to a far away dark land to preserve life. Those are themes and we have yet another Reedsy guide to help you out.

Theme is a thing that needs to be defined.

You may wonder why it needs to be defined but you will find out soon enough if you don’t work on it as one of the first steps in telling your story. The theme is the primary driving force behind where the story goes and how the plot plays out. Without theme you’re just slapping words on a page and meandering around like a drunk hobo with a pickle jar full of piss. That is not creative writing. It’s an exercise in futility. You’re spinning your wheels and you won’t go anywhere fast.

But…but…how do I theme?

Ah, dear reader, I’m glad you asked! I could pontificate on the various nuances of themeÂ?and how you use it in your creative writing but why would I do that when my friends over at Reedsy have already done the leg work for me? As usual, they’ve outdone themselves once more with some beautiful infographics and the words that make sense. Â?Don’t hesitate another minute. Go check out the link for the Reedsy guide below for so that you can learn how to write gooderÂ?.

The theme of a book is something many authors struggle with. With the help of an infographic and quiz, learn how to discover and write your book’s theme.

Source: What is the Theme of a Book? An Author’s Guide â€? Reedsy Blog

An update on the free website contest.

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