We Are Tyler Durden

A few months back, both my partner and Â?I visited my hometown.

Call it a homecoming born of necessity if you’d like. You see, my father died and I had to go home to pay my respects. It ended up being a whole ordeal which is probably best kept within the family. Needless to say, I will say in the most sarcastic tone I can that it was absolutely wonderful. The best thing it did for me was getting me out of my head and back into the world.

We traveled through several flat states, a lot of desertÂ?area, and were subjected to a barrage of racist inbred southerners. (I know you’re not all like that. Generalizations suck, though, don’t they? Think about that next time you generalize about someone.)

We had the travesty that will forever be known in my world as the beginning of the Trumpocalypse. King Cheeto is on his way to his sexist, racist throne.



All of this put a dent in the time I’ve spent at the keyboard. I did get another article published on The Good Men Project but I’ve done little else in a while. I have no motivation. I have no desire. I suffer from ennui. I don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning.

I ask myself why. Why do I feel this way?

Becasue we’ve been given a shit world, GenXer’s and Millenial-folk. We’ve got genocides happening. We have people dying in the streets because they have an abundance of melatonin. The environment is going to shit because corporate dickheads can’t stop fucking every hole Mother Earth has for shiny baubles and dead dinosaurs. For those of us who are American, we’ve got Orange Hitler to contend with possibly and chaos if he doesn’t make it to his throne. Putin is a big ole pain in the ass over on the other hemisphere.Â?Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

Whoah. Whoah. Whoah.

Had a Venkman moment there. Excuse me.

I guess the big question is, what the hell are we going to do about this shit show we’ve inherited?

We’re backed into a corner. The old timers want to stick us with the bill and that mofo is gonna come due real fucking quick. They’ve got control of the whole ball of mud because our two generations are sleeping at the fucking wheel. We got people who don’t vote because they feel it’s useless, don’t have a job because they don’t vote, don’t have the money to pay the bills because they have no job, and struggle daily and are called lazy because they have to look to governmentÂ?assistance to get by day to day because otherwise those bills won’t get paid.

We are fucking slaves to the machine in the truest goddamn fashion you can imagine.

Now, we could just bitch and moan about our situation. I mean, it’s not fair, right? Newsflash you numpty muppet! Life ain’t fair. How many times have you heard that? Yeah, me too. Here’s the thing, though, crying about it won’t fix it. We’re still gonna get the bill. I feel there is an alternative.

Fuck this society that has put us in chains. Fuck this government that bleeds us dry of our paychecks. Fuck these corporations that give two shits about human rights or the environment. Fuck these rich kids that think they’re going to get to take over. Fuck these politicians that represent their own self-interests. Fuck these chains you’re trying to put on the poor, the minorities, the dregs, and outliers. Fuck your rules. Fuck your cordial platitudes. Fuck your greed. Most of all, fuck this belief that we have to buy into this shit system you’ve made, because I’ve got some news for you.





That’s right. I’m invoking Fight Club.

This system that we were born into doesn’t represent us. It never has. We’ve been forced to go along with it because that’s what is expected of us. We’ve been forced to prop up this world structure of institutionalized slavery and take it all in as “business as usual.” We’ve been taught that while the systems that control us aren’t perfect and their destruction would lead to chaos. We’ve been conditioned since day one to gorge on this thought process. So much so that we have a hard time questioning whether we can do better. They’ve injected a heavy dose of fear in your soul and a lot of self-doubt in your own capabilities.

Fuck that and fuck them.

The Baby Boomers took what their parents gave them and pissed it all away and then they have the nerve to tell us that we need to work a little harder. These are the same dumb fucking dinosaurs that call us to ask how to change the input on their TV or want to know how that whole Facebook thing works. These assholes have the nerve to put us down? To talk to us like their experience in fucking up the entire planet and fucking their children and grandchildren with debt make them better than us? Sounds like the dying gasps of a resentful and bitter generation that felt like they were something special.

What happened to all the 1960’s hippie kids with their open hearts and open minds that fought against an unjust war, inequality, and the corruption that took root in our world? Sure, there are still some that have continued the fight but the vast majority of you sold out and bought into the “American Dream.” Now you’re leaving us to clean up the American Nightmare.

Is that hateful? You’re goddamned right it is. You did more to pollute our fucking home than any generation before you. You did more to erode our personal rights and force your bullshit opinion of what is morally correct on us than any generation before you. You did more to promote divisiveness among the people than any generation before you. You killed more people in the pursuit of a dollar than any generation before you.

So, yeah, I’m a bit salty about that.

Here’s the thing, though, ladies and gents. These assholes are dying and they don’t get to determine the fate of the planet anymore if we’ll just stand up, say enough, and do something about it. They literally do not have the numbers, or the bullets, to stop us all. We know how to manipulate the technology and they don’t. We know how to bring the world to its knees with a bit of malicious code and some Mt. Dew. Don’t you think it’s about time that instead of being the meek little puppets they’ve instructed us to be that we stand up, turn the world around, and save the fucking planet? Don’t you think it’s time for a little Mayhem?