Welcome Back… Again

I am a mercurial being. Full of opinions and unwillingness to listen to others because I think, in general, humanity is full of idiots. So, I’m just going to put my opinions out there on my own little piece of the pie and make a community from whoever shows up to talk.

I’ve decided that this site will be whatever I find is helpful to me, as a creator. Using aggregate tools, I will flow content to myself. For any writer out there that wonders how I avoid writer’s block, this is it. A useful tool for a purpose that begets further ideas on which to pontificate.

I’m going to cover a vast array of interests out there. Some will maybe be NSFW occasionally. (I’ll warn you. No worries.) You might see something on ritual magick right next to the latest quantum stringy stuff theories.

Why do this, you may ask? Because information is power, as we all well know. In the case of a writer, it’s like constantly having ammo for your imagination ray so you can fire it at the world.

People ask how I avoid writer’s block. This is how. You can use it, too.

I spent a lot of money on classes that put me into debt. I can’t replicate the vast experience of those teachers, but I can spread the knowledge on to those who can’t afford it. I’m not an elitist prick, after all.

(That’s not to say I won’t charge occasionally for things, like eBooks and classes maybe, but I promise it’ll be reasonable. I need to pay rent and buy food, not buy a mansion. It wouldn’t make me happy anyway.)

I guess my message to writers that may read this out there is that you don’t have to go to fancy schools, but there are plenty of things to learn. Just don’t quit and do research. It’s the writer’s best friend and we just so happen to have the biggest library of human knowledge that’s ever existed at our fingertips.

I think we need to redefine success in this new world we find ourselves in.

I mean, seriously, I’m writing this at almost 2 A.M. in the morning, two days into quarantine to avoid dying from Covid-19. We have decided to call it “social distancing” instead of quarantine, but that’s because we don’t want to scare the normals with a possible apocalypse.

Now, the ones who used to merrily bebop down the road, not giving a good goddamn about their future, have to slow the hell down and engage with their own mortality.

I’ll be honest. It’s causing people to freak out a bit, yeah?

I try to keep these things in perspective. In a historical lens, we’re better prepared now that any time in our existence to make it through this. Short of a nuclear war breaking out, we should be good.

So, yeah, I’m not trying to be a hyper-successful anything, by most guru standards.

I know, it’s not very sexy. It’s not very hustle. It’s not very anything but me, and I’m okay with that. This is my slice of the interwebs pie.

I invite anyone that reads this to follow along and use the site to their benefit to create amazing things. Join in conversations with one another. Make magick, little ones. Make magick.

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