[WP] After a whole year full of catastrophes, it’s December 2020. Astronomers have noticed that entire constellations and star systems are vanishing from the sky, night after night. What ever is happening, it’s getting closer to us.

At first, it was just a few distant stars that no one took note of. But as time went on, we realized a much darker force was at play. The stars start blinking out at an astronomical rate. Scientists around the world start panicking when we discovered entire star systems disappearing. It took a while for this to reach the public, with the government finally revealing the truth after countless leaks. But at this point in time, there’s nothing we can do.

Eventually, society saw a sudden collapse. thousands of people riot in the streets. People did what they in face of sudden doom, but the situation got even grimmer when we realized this unknown force reached our solar system.

I was at the lab when it happened. My coworkers and I were working around the clock in order to find a way to stop this “darkness”, as what we called it. It had already consumed most of the planets in our solar system, making earth the next target. Then it happened. everything started collapsing. Buildings ceased to exist. People are being swallowed up by an ever-growing force of dark mass, and then it reached me. I tried to shield myself from this darkness, but it evently consumed me. However, right as I lost consiousness, I felt something heavy in my hand, and noticed I was holding what appears to be a giant key.

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