[WP] “I’m not a genie who wants to scam you by interpreting your wish in the worst possible way. I genuinely want to help you but I’m just horrible at understanding context clues.”

I stared at the genie. I’m not even sure where it came from. I was just trying to lead my horse to the nearby stream before trying to travel further. When I was just about to reach the stream a blue flash appeared and this so called genie appeared. No lamp was in sight, so I couldn’t figure out how it had been summoned.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” I asked, still confused about where the genie had appeared from.

“Oh! How silly of me, I’m the genie of the river and I’m here to grant you three wishes! I grant three wishes to whatever traveler stops here between the hours of three and five. As I said before, I try and grant wishes the travelers often want, but I haven’t had much social interaction… “ The genie replied to me, I could tell the genie was a girl now, appeared to be a teenager almost in age. Yet the genie still had the innocent look of a child. She seemed to be a bit scared when she said her last sentence, as if she was unsure of what she was saying.

“Umm pardon me, how old are you? You seem quite young… “ I ask tentatively, still unsure of the girl.

“I’m only two thousand human years old. So about thirteen in genie years. Not many travel among these parts though, so I haven’t really learned about the other genies. Have you? Do you know of any other genies? I would love to have some news about them!”

“Sorry, I haven’t heard anything about other genies. You’re the first I’ve come across. I didn’t even know genies existed, I just thought they were a made up tale of the dreamers…”

“Of course we’re real! Don’t all magic and mythical tales have some truth to it? Oh! Speaking of magic, what’s your first wish? I’ll try and get the context as best as I can! Anything in the world I can make come true. Just ask away!”

“Umm okay…? I wish for some new travelling clothes.”

“Done! Here you are, these should do nicely, travelling clothes fit for a King!”

As she says that I feel something flowy and large take over my form. As I look at what the clothes are supposed to be, I see jewels and colors of all kinds covering the clothes. Clothes that would easily stand out in the marketplace, even accuse me of being a thief as the clothes are the only thing fancy about me. Not only that but the clothes were giant. The shirt alone was done to my knees and trying to fall off my shoulder.

“What is this? These clothes are giant on me and no way made for travel! Where are my old clothes?”

“Oh I’m so sorry! I thought clothes made for kings were the best choice! I took the average traveling clothes from different kings and combined them together. I didn’t realize kings were so large compared to you. But besides that, aren’t the clothes still good to travel in? Your old clothes were replaced by the new ones.”

“No! The clothes are way too heavy, and stand out like a sore thumb! I would be accused as a thief in any market place seeing this is the only fancy thing on me and my horse! I wish I had my old clothes back!”

As I said that I felt the same magic as before surrounding me, and soon enough I was back in my old, raggy clothes. Even though they were old, at least they would blend in at the marketplace I thought to myself. Much better than those so called king clothes.

“Um you still have one wish left, would you like to use it? I’ll try to get it right. I promise…”

“I wish I was by myself so I wouldn’t have to deal with you and your wishes. I just want to let my horse drink and then I’ll be on my way.”

As soon as I finished my first sentence I felt the magic again. A blue flash appeared blinding me momentarily. When I could see again I looked around and yelled, “WHERE IS MY HORSE? GENIE GET BACK HERE!” That genie took my horse! Just as I was about to leave! Why? Why did she take my horse?!? But as I thought about my previous wish, of being alone, I realized what happened. The genie considered my horse as another being, and took it so I would be by myself like I asked. “You stupid genie! No wonder genies are never heard of, knowing more greedy men that exist, they probably wished for something that caused them to die to these genies and there nonexistent social clues.”

-Not good writer, first time responding to a prompt.