[WP] They don’t call him the man’s best friend for nothing. When he learned that his master was sent to hell instead of heaven, he dived into the bowels of hell to save him. Write about the Doom Slayer as a faithful dog.

At first he didn’t realise, his human didn’t return after going out, had it been minutes? Days? YEARS?

He loved his human so much. But it took too long and the sounds outside didn’t sound much like the ones he was used to. They sounded like the neighbour’s cat but louder, and there were more.

He couldn’t look outside since the curtains were closed. The curtains were never closed during the day. Usually his human grabbed the paper, got back in, drank some coffee, got dressed, opened the curtains, walked him, then went out and returned in the dark.

But he realised something: his human never came back from getting the paper.

That was odd and scary. His human broke routine. So he should too, maybe he fell? Maybe he left him!? HE WOULDN’T! What if he was in danger!?

All these thoughts swirled in the poor little dog’s mind, mixed with emotions of sadness and anxiety. But this cocktail of thoughts and feelings exploded into one pure feeling:


So he went to the door, grabbed his leash, for his walkies, because you can’t go out without a leash.

Strange, the door was open. He looked outside and saw a terrible landscape, fire, blood, monsters running about, people screaming in terror.

His human was in danger! He had to save him. So he put on his leash. Sharpened his resolve and howled as if he was sounding the war horn.

He was coming to get his human and none shall stop him.

He might be scared, but fear is temporary.

Good boys are eternal.