[WP] Your bar is popular among the supernaturals. You believed you’ve seen every type of creature walk through your doors for whatever reason, until today, when something entirely new enters the building.

I finish arranging the microphone for Tabitha, a usual and a siren, who sings for drinks. Then, it walks in. I don’t know what in the name of death it is, but so far, it’s blocking the light from the Heaven Portal, and that’s fine. Other customers, the sober ones at least, tilt their head at the sight. I walk over to it.

Oh. Um… Hello. I’m the owner of the bar. We’re about to head into the Earth 8 pm to Earth 11 pm shift. If you don’t mind waiting, I could get you something…” They seem to nod, and their body sits, unblocking the sun. I put my holy-glasses on, as Heaven is so fricking bright so their portal is blinding. I study the customer, using my phone to check the cameras. It appears, and the X-Ray filter shows it’s something. It’s a jellyfish-like thing, and it has some sort of weird bone thing around it, some weird other armour, and a thin layer of… I would think of it as exo-skin? It’s covering itself.

“Do you have any chance of whiskey, from Russia?” The stranger ask in a voice that seems just a few keys below mine. Male probably.

Which Russia? There’s Soviet Russia, Ice Age Russia, Modern Russia…” I respond, sorting through the bottles.

“Um, modern I guess miss.” He says. I get him some whiskey and pour him a few shots, and a few for myself, considering nobody here is gonna judge a 16-year-old supernatural nerd for drinking. The man downs them, looking at me after he finishes. “How much?”

Since I haven’t figured what you are, free until I do.” He seems to laugh.

Have you figured out what you are yet miss?” He asks.

No actually,” I respond. He takes off his hat. He has fur on the top of his head, unlike the rest of him, which looks to be a pale shade of orange, smooth texture looking.

“Looked in a mirror?” He asks.

Nope. I don’t have one here.” He sighs. “What? Is something wrong?”

Ok. What lives on Earth?” He asks.

Animals, Plants, Bacteria, Unicellular organisms…” He stops me.

“What mainly lives on Earth, and is the highest in the food chain?” He asks.

“Humans I think,” I respond.

Now, what are humans?” He asks once more. He proceeds to say the following with me:

“Humans, are jellyfish, that pilot a skeleton, covered in a meat suit, and covered in dead skin.” I realize. Tabitha comes in.

“Oh? You found another one of your kind, bartender? Cool!” She comments before going to sing. As she sings, I talk with the other human, before he leaves. I had forgotten what a normal human looks like, I forgot who I am…