[WP]Humans are the only race capable of creating fiction. The galactic community has never contacted Earth out of fear for our Death Stars and our frightening “history”. Until now. The two most powerful space civilizations have come to earth asking us to arbitrate a dispute and enforce the outcome.

Gen. Thompson walked briskly through the hall. His aide, a nice young woman named Sally, hurried to keep up with his much longer strides.

“Do we know what they want?” He asked. He wished he could have been properly briefed on their new visitors, but the situation was too dire to allow such things.

“Uh, yes, sir.” Sally said. She poked at a tablet, trying to find the information. “Apparently, they want a mediator for some kind of trade dispute.”

“Is that all? Why come a few million light years for a mediator from a planet that has trouble getting to its own moon?”

“I’m not quite sure, sir, but–“

“Never mind. Call up Harry Green. He’s one of the best moderators I know. I’ll give you his number.”

“Uh, sir, that’s probably not going to work.”

“Why not?”

“Uh, well, you see, they kind of already know who they want to moderate for them, and…maybe it’s best to hear it from them, because it’s just…forgive me for saying it, but it’s kind of dumb.”

“These people have mastered interstellar travel. How can they be dumb?”

“You’ll find out, sir.”

Thompson and Sally had come to the doors to the meeting room. He took a deep breath and opened the doors. This could determine the fate of planet Earth and everything on it. The two aliens turned to him immediately.

One was a small creature sitting on a platform of spindly metal legs. It’s body was beige, and each of its six limbs held three triple knuckled fingers. Most of its body mass was made up by its head. It was obviously the type who used its brain over its body. And the array of advanced technology constantly at its many fingertips supported that.

The other was almost humanoid. It did have one leg too many though. Its body was not tall by human standards, but it was broader than any two men the general knew. Its limbs were long and thick, with a bony nub sticking out just above each wrist. Its entire body was coated with fine hairs, and each one seemed to move independently of the others. It did not seem to have much tech on it, but the General knew not to assume.

“Greetings from Planet Earth. I am General Leon Thompson of the US Armed Forces.” Thompson said. “I hear you want our aid in a matter of great importance.”

The smaller creature spoke first. “You are not the one we requested.”

“I’m sorry?”

“We made a request of your species for a moderator. Where is the requested individual?”

“I was told this, but not who you want.”

The larger alien spoke up. “We seek Jean-Luc Picard as our moderator. If possible, Dianna Troi and William Riker as well. But Picard is the one we require.”

Gen. Thompson looked at Sally, who shrugged.

“I’m sorry, but there must be some mistake.”

“No mistake.” The small alien said. “We have made our demands. We expect them to be met. We know of your technological and supernatural abilities. However, we are still prepared to initiate aggression if our demands are not met.”


“We have seen your news footage and historical documentations.” The larger being said. “Although we have yet to understand the power you call magic, we are prepared to fight against your mages, just as we are against your technological superweapons. We assure you, such conflict will result in heavy casualties, even if our fleets are destroyed in the process.”

“More will come if that is the case.” The smaller creature added.

Thompson’s mind raced. Could it be? Could these aliens, these incredibly advanced, technologically superior beings be afraid of humans because of TV and movies? It was stupid, moronic, and just dumb. But it was a chance. It was an advantage, even if it was imaginary. And the General would not turn down even a small advantage.

“I understand.” He said. “Wait right here. The good captain is away right now, but he should be returning within a day or two. I’ll call…”He had to struggle to say the next few words. “Starfleet, and let them know to bring him here as soon as he arrives.”

“Very good.”

“We shall await his arrival.”

Thompson and Sally left the meeting room.

“Sir? What should we do?” Sally asked.

“Isn’t that obvious? We need Picard. Get Patrick Stewart on the phone and see if he’s interested in playing the role of a lifetime. If we play our cards right, we might be able to make Star Trek real.”