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Writer’s Corner BONUS: Pop Quiz!

I LOVE surprise pop quiz time!

Everyone makes that groaning sound but wait, this writer pop quiz is going to be a lot of fun. We’re gonna take everything we’ve learned the past couple of weeks and smush them together and we’re going to create a 300-1500 word flashbomb shared universe – a hybrid of short, short fiction story types that all exist within the same universe.

They must have everything we talked about, though.

Why would I want to do all these things?

Because, dear friend, you want to get better at writing and it’s time to stop fucking around. No more talking about writing. Just write!

Additionally, submit them to me. That’s right. Best one’s go out on Tuesday Night Fiction and I’ll pick a few honorable mentions to suggest some edits on the site (with their permission, of course.)

I want you to become a better writer. That was the whole intent behind this little blog idea.

You don’t become a better writer by talking about it or reading about it. You become a better writer by doing the writing. This blog is centered on getting you better at doing just that. Participation isn’t mandatory, by any means, but let’s play the what if game

  • What if you learn something?
  • What if you just put that story that’s been trying to get out of your meat box of a brain out there?
  • What if you followed some advice from someone and treated it like an education?
  • What if I read the things and did the things and became a better writer today?

Do you want to write better or do you want to stay on the sideline and keep asking questions?

The questions will be answered in the doing. The how will be given to you as needed. Today is all about doing. No more never finding the time to write. Let’s make a story together. Let’s build a world.

Here’s the final piece you need to get started: The Prompt

AÂspace station spins hundreds of miles in orbit above a strangely inhabited planet in the part of the galaxy called the Outback. Cultures from all over the galaxy are represented here. It is a crossroads above the Terran home world of TCP1138, otherwise known as “New Olympus.” The planet below gifts certain settlers amazing powers that defy physics and logic. They stalk the lands and seas below, demigods among the remnants of humanity after the long exodus from the dead planet Earth.

Your story can take place anywhere on the planet below or the station above. I’ll accept pieces based on the prompt for a month.ÂGo to the little submit button with your finished product.

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