Writer's Corner (6)
Writer's Corner (6)

Writer’s Corner: Round Up!

It’s a round up kinda week here at Writer’s Corner!

I’m going on a short vacay to San Diego so I thought now would be an excellent time to post a round up of all the Writer’s Corner articles so far. Additionally, you should also check out my contest running until July 25th where I’m giving away free self-hosted WordPress sites with some extra goodies thrown in as well. Let’s get down to business.

Making Fake People

Do you have issues coming up with characters that don’t fall flat? This article is just for you as I cover what it takes to make an interesting character.

Let us act as gods!

This is the first article on worldbuilding, one of my favorite subjects. Half the battle of telling a good tale is to make the setting believable and intriguing.

Spring is Coming

This article is mostly a kick in the pants to inspire your writing and getting things done.

Author Websites

I don’t know if you know this but having a good website is integral to success in today’s publishing world. A good following turns into good sales. This is a good place to start to get your shit together on the interwebs.

Character Counts

Here’s another one that dives deep into the mysteries of what it takes to flesh out those lovely characters that parade around in your mushy head space.

From Concept to Reality

As writer’s or creators we all have fantastic ideas that are potentially worth a lot of moolah. How do you take it from one to the other? Check out this article and find out.

Plot the Course

Plotting is a really important aspect of writing fiction. If done incorrectly bad plotting can ruin an otherwise awesome story. This article covers all the bases in order to make sure you have a plot that would make anyone jealous of your l33t skillz.

To Prologue or not to Prologue

Some people say you should never add one while others use it to great success. What is the prologue and how can you execute it in style? Check this one out today!

Short Story, Novel, or something In-Between?

Have you ever wondered what the typical lengths of your story should be if you writing short or long fiction? Look no further as you can find all your answers here.

Critical Hit

Criticism can be hard to take sometimes but it’s something you’ll have to face when you put your work out into the wild. This article covers not only how to accept critiquesテあbut also how to give them.

Just Write

The writer’s block monster tugs at us all on occasion. However, if you give in to the bastard then how are you supposed to get things done? Also, what’s up with writer’s block and how you can beat it.

Worldbuilding Research

My second article on worldbuilding focuses on the research that’s necessary to make an awesome world for your characters to exist in. The building of that world is going to involve some college level research, yo! Don’t worry. It’s not boring and you’ll learn a lot of useless information to use at dinner parties. (Does anyone even have dinner parties anymore? I’m old.)

Writer’s Corner: 20 Tips for New Writers

Tips here! I’ve got your tips here! If you like listicles and things that are numbered then this one is for you. It also has some humorous and helpful advice.


I think outlining is the thing to do when you’re a noob writer. Nothing will derail your enthusiasm quite like realizing that the epic you’ve created makes no fucking sense because you didn’t have a map to get your from start to finish.

Show, Don’t Tell

It’s an age-old maxim that writer’s know by heart. It’s drilled into them from day one and everyone knows that telling is not good storytelling. What the everlovin’ bajessus with hockey sticks does it mean, though? Check here and I’ll clue you in.

Ugly Truth or Beautiful Lie?

Another one on criticism because some people are just big whiny babies.

That’s it for this week!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a good 4th of July (if you’re in the U.S. anyway.) Fly safe! o7

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