Writer’s Corner: Spring is Coming

[Writer’s Corner is my semi-regular column on helping you meet some goals with your writing. Be sure to check in the categories for further posts that may help you out!]

Fucking hell. I cannot tell you how unbelievably hard it is to keep up with everything in life.

Between work, social activities, worshipping ancient deities for power, engaging my mental demons in epic combat, relationships, and writing I’ve been a busy boy. I don’t seem to know my head from my ass here lately. ÂI’m sure this is something that many of you experience our there, so you know what I’m talking about. When I find a time machine or learn how to use the Speed Force I’ll pass along the secret.

However, I must muddle through as only I can…like a screeching car wreck in the middle of the street after a night of hard drugs and meaningless sexual encounters, piledriving reality into the motherfucking ground. In other words…

Spring is coming.

Yes, yes, I know. For a lot of you, winter is still eating away at you. Fear not, though, because hell is coming early in the Valley of the Sun. I’ll be begging for cold weather while you’re still wearing your parka. The gates to Dante’s joint are clearly in Phoenix.

Spring is a time of rebirth, though, and as such, that means it’s second January where you commit to doing new things in an arbitrary fashion as dictated by societal norms. You are a rule following monkey after all. Time to follow through on doing the shit you said you’d do. It’s time to get rid of the cobwebs.

I will start posting on a regular basis to the blog.

Yes, at the beginning of the year in this post I said I was going to come up with a schedule to post and build a backlog of posts. Well, I didn’t fucking do that. I’ve been busy (see opening paragraph) and my computer situation has been all wobbly. I’ve finally got a computer going that seems like it will do the job of writing. I think we’re back on track as far as that goes.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t revised my posting schedule plan a bit. You see, I have a tendency to overextend myself when I first get interested in a project. I’m all like, “BAM! I’m gonna do eighty bazillion posts every day of the week!” Then I realize that really isn’t possible. Let’s be a little more realistic.

I know building an audience is only possible if you’re reliable and use the words to entertain people in some sort of fashion. Here’s my plan of action:

On Tuesdays, I will continue to post Tuesday Night Fiction as long as I have a story to publish. If I don’t have a story to publish, then I won’t. In interested, please review the rules and submit your piece you can do that here.

On Fridays, I’ll do my regular post of the week where I say random ass shit and you read it. This will be the regular post. If I don’t have one every week on Friday then I’m either dead or I’ve finally been taken by the government or aliens. If I have a plan to miss one, I’ll let you know.

On random days of the week, I’ll be posting on random categories from the list. Once I build up that backlog, I’ll be able to post more often, but you can be reliably sure that some weeks will have more content than others because life sometimes gets in the way. You never know when I might post a delicious, moist nugget of goodness so subscribe to the blog to get updated.

All that being said, here’s my Writer’s Corner advice today.

This isn’t really about the craft itself but about the ability to persevere. You will often find that the path of a writer is unique and there are potholes all along the way. Sometimes you will be able to write and sometimes you will have other shit that must be done. Here are a few things I do and a few things I’m going to start to do. I hope you can find something useful in there yourself.

  1. Don’t get discouraged -ÂNo one said this was going to be easy. Anything worth doing in life is going to be hard. If it’s easy, it most likely isn’t worth it. Don’t let self-doubt cripple you. Push through and things will happen. They might not happen the way you want but they will happen.
  2. Keep writing – Write when you can. Make an effort to put down some words somewhere every day. It doesn’t have to be an opus of glorious magnitude. Write a love note for your honey, write a grocery list, write on the bathroom walls…just write.
  3. Remember to live life – You cannot, I repeat, cannot be a story teller without life’s experience. You will never tell a good story if you don’t live life. You know the saying write what you know? If you don’t live, don’t build relationships, do go do things, you won’t be able to write what you know because you know nothing. (Jon Snow joke implied.)
  4. Don’t set goals that are too big – This will crush your confidence. You will keep trying to reach your goal and if you don’t you will feel like a failure. STAAAAAAAAAHP! Set realistic goals. Keep them within reach. You’ll soon find that you will feel better and accomplish much more.
  5. Do this because you love it – If you have it in your mind that you’re instantaneously going to be a famous writer then stop writing now. You’re not doing it because you love what you’re doing. You’re doing it because you want fame and money. Good luck with that if that’s your goal. You have to put in the work first.
  6. Don’t lose sight of why you started – When it all seems so overwhelming and you can’t finish a sentence let alone a story, remember why you started doing this in the first place. Why did it make you happy? Replicate that to refresh yourself.
  7. Don’t take criticism personally – It is 100% seriously not about you as a person. You will suck at first whether you like it or not. You will get better if you keep trying. If you’re told your story sucks just remember it’s not about you as a person. You just have some learning to do, that’s all.
  8. Take care of yourself – Don’t forget to eat healthy food, hydrate, get exercise. These are all very important things to do. You must take care of the body because it holds the brain thingy which produces the word art.
  9. Don’t force it but don’t expect the story to fall in your lap – Sometimes you have to get into the dirt to see real results. You have to dig a little to get to the gems. However, don’t tryÂto break the goddamn shovel digging. You’ll just have a broken tool and hate what you’re doing. On the flippy flop, you can’t expect the muse to slap you upside the head with the Fish of Never Ending Stories either. It’s a delicate balance.
  10. Have fun – If you’re not having fun what is the fucking point? There’s all manner of heinous shit going on in the world out there. This is an escape into your imagination. This is an exercise in creation. Have fucking fun!


Until next time, fly safe out there. o7

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