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NaNoWriMo is practically here!

I hope everyone out there is ready to embrace the madness of November and get that book done. I hope you’re planning, making schedules, and letting people know what you’re about to do so you can gain some encouragement when the days get a bit rough (they will) and accolades when you’ve done well (you will.) If this is your first time participating you should know that it’s a ton of fun whether you finish or not. It’s not necessarily about winning. It’s about stopping the talk about writing and doing the writing.

You may find yourself bereft of ideas for a story right about now.

The first rule of thumb that I learned about this situation came from Douglas Adams himself: Don’t Panic. There are literally ideas everywhere. They are waiting to be plucked from your mind and put on the screen or paper. If you’re panicking about not having a story idea, I’m here to help. No, not with simple prompts. I’m here to help with a little magick. I know, I know…many will read that and groan and just turn away from what I have to say. Just give it a chance.

The magick of storytelling.

Since the dawn of humankind, before technology and civilization as we know it, storytellers existed. You are a storyteller. Within you is the power to weave wondrousÂ?tales that will excite and entertain. This is the oldest magick humankind can access. No, it’s not Harry Potter magic. You can’t wave a wand around and same a word and poof, you’ll have a novel. That’s not the way it works. This is something older. It’s buried deep within your genetic code. It’s what separates us from the other beasts of the world. We have the ability to look at situations from different angles. We make judgments. That mess of a quantum computer in your brain allows you to ask a simple question…

What if?

Yes, it’s really as simple as that. This is where my ideas come from as a writer. Asking what if is the single greatest talent you must learn as a writer if you want to come up with new twists on old tales. We’ve been telling stories to each other for around two million years. As a writer, our amazing ability to put these stories in the hands of others with a clear intent in an entertaining manner is what sets us apart from others. That ability to ask what if in our head and then follow through with the details is who we are. What if is the greatest tool in the writer’s toolbox and it’s where all of our stories come from.

Get ready to write!

November 1st is just a few short days away. If you’d like more encouragement through the month, add me over at NaNoWriMo.org. Look for the author joseph_forrest and I’ll be happy to encourage you to continue writing throughout the month. Let’s get ready to rumble, kids!

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