Writer’s Toolbox

I’m a hoarder of information. I’ve saved literally thousands of bookmarks, videos, pictures, and anything else that I come across that sparks my imagination in any way. That’s the one bane of the internet. There’s just too much stuff on here.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my favorites. I know I find blogs with helpful tips and tricks really fascinating, so I hope any potential readers of this blog will feel the same. So, here you go…

1. Body Language Cheat Sheet

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a problem with the finer details such as this. Body language is a huge part of how we communicate our feelings to one another. It’s harder to communicate that body language when you don’t have an image to look at and compare. Television and film don’t have this issue, but as writers of prose, it’s very important that we learn how to show our readers what is happening with the characters so they invest in them. This should help.


2. How to Make a Character’s Death Sadder

This one is just an image, but it gives you some helpful hints on how to make an impactful character death. It’s important you handle character deaths well because this is the emotional gut-punch that you want the reader to feel. They’ve invested in these characters, they’re living vicariously through them. Their deaths should be meaningful.

3. How to Write Teen Girl Characters

I actually don’t have a lot of young characters in any of my stories, but I recently decided to write in a teenage female protagonist in my current work. I then quickly realized I have nothing to base the character on because (a) I have never been a teenage girl, and (b) I have no idea how to even put that on a page with a realistic angle. This article helped tremendously.

4. How to Write a One-Page Synopsis

If you’re anything like me when you write, you put down a whole lot of useless shit before you get to the gold. Being able to write a good one-page synopsis is an art. I have definitely not mastered it yet, but this is a good source to help you out.

5. Tricks for Writing Fast-Paced Action Scenes

I envision in my head all the action scenes in my story and they are flawlessly beautiful. When I try to put that down on a page, sometimes the words just don’t come out as flawlessly. This article helps give you an idea of how to write these scenes just right.

I hope these help you in your writing adventures.

Please feel free to comment and make further suggestions.

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