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Writing Tools & Tech: Scrivener

Here’s the deal.

I don’t typically recommend anything product wise because results usually differ from person to person. If I really, really like a product, I will tell people about it and let them decide if they want to check it out. This time around I want to talk about Scrivener from Literature & Latte.

Scrivener is, in my opinion, the single best tool any creative writer could dish out $40 to pick up.

I write everything in Scrivener. This blog post? Scrivener. My short stories? Scrivener. Dirty messages on the bathroom door? Well, I do those myself with a permanent marker but I’d use Scrivener if I could. Simply put, this is the best damn word processor for creative writers out there. Yes, I know there are many famous ones that do a lot of stuff. I know you may like it because you’re familiar with it. Trust me, give the Scrivener Free Trial a whirl.

It has features out the shama lama ding-dong.

I have short story templates, SFWA specialized templates, novel templates, world building templates…oh my sweet suffering Spaghetti Messiah, I have a ton o’ templates. They make everything super-duper easy to organize. The best part? It’s all fully customizable.

Organization is a breeze with the Corkboard.

It’s a virtual filing system that can give you a synopsis of what the card it represents contains. Get rid of the notebooks and scrap notes you just have lying around. Just plug it all into Scrivener. I have one specifically for putting my ideas down in for future reference.


Outliner gives you a more classic way of organization with which you may be more familiar.

Same thing, though. Just add a bit of information so that you’ll easily recognize what’s in the file and you’ll never forget an idea as long as you put them down.


Scrivenings Mode is the bomb.

Let’s say you have Scene One in Chapter One of your masterpiece. You need to connect this specific scene to one in Chapter Two later. It’s a superb pain to navigate back and forth between the two of them. Scrivener lets you see them both on the same screen. Continuity issues are rendered much smaller now that you can remember what your caffeine-addled brain said last night.


Compiling is super simple into a slew of different formats.

Do you put out an e-book? For Kindle or iBook? Don’t know what the heck an .emobi file is? Scrivener compiles into so many formats I’m not going to list them because that’s too many things and blog posts get boring after a while if you just list things.


There are so many other reasons to check out Scrivener.

Seriously, it is a no-lose situation. Don’t just take my word for it. Go get a free trial of Scrivener for either Windows or Mac. They also have a version for iOS that is pretty damn superb as well. Then go back and pay for it when you’re done because you’re going to have a whole new way of writing.

A scrivener using Scrivener

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Joe Forrest

Joe Forrest is an IT/Web Consultant by night, writer of fiction and/or helpful words which help you write words better by day. He uses naughty words and does not care if you like his sometimes harshly worded advice. He has many secret names and 7 souls. Writer, Tech, and Chaos Magician.

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