The Official Online Resume of Joe Forrest

WordPress Smarty Pants, Hosting Pro, Writer, Destroyer of Universes

Quality Service

I have a deep-seated love of writing and technology. USAF veteran who has been and lived around the world and interacted with multiple cultures. I enjoy learning new things and getting out of my comfort zone to get results.

I have expertise in both technical and creative writing. My dream job would be writing creative fiction or producing creative copy for the right people and getting paid for it.

Super Support

I have excellent people skills with experience in de-escalation, training, and supervising. I thrive in high-pressure situations.I am extremely adaptable to any given environment or situation. I possess superior communication skills. I am highly disciplined with lofty standards when it comes to working goals. Finally, I am a professional who believes in complete integrity and getting the job done.


Award Worthy

  • 10 years experience in WordPress Site design and deployment
  • Expert in website security and hardening WordPress core installation
  • Proficient with cPanel/Managed WordPress based Linux hosting environments
  • Branding for SEO/Reputation
  • Versed Linux (cPanel) and Windows (Plesk) hosting platforms, as well as several popular Content Management Systems, like WordPress.
  • Versed in SEO management and Search Engine Visibility.
  • Versed in security solutions publicly accessed webpages.

Who am I?


Fiction writer

From a very early age, I knew I wanted to create worlds where other characters lived. I've been writing fiction for as long as I can remember in some fashion or another.

WP Site Manager

If you're on the WordPress platform then I'm the guy you want helping you make sure your site runs like a pro.


Hosting Specialist

I know hosting. Whether you're on a shared server or a VPS, I can help you out. Love Linux, dislike Windows, know both.


Creating something new...

If your goal is to do the same old thing everyone else does, I'm probably not the right person for your organization. If you want to change the way the universe operates for people, I'm your guy.

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